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April 15, 2006

Where is she going?

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Where is she going?

Election Day in Israel; national holiday. Mongolian BBQ dinner gone bad is keeping me up, so I tele-sample some Israeli friends. One is in Zichron with her family, enjoying the little town (typical arts&crafts main street w/lots of caf’es and food traps. I guess the weather is nice. Another one is at home, having leftover breakfast. Not very nutritious, but who cares. A third one is out and about in Tel Aviv with her family. From the big happening and the open live broadcasting from Rabin’s Square (City Hall square), with the city hall building covered with humongous TV screen, hiding the ugly building, walking to Hayarkon Park with many grassroots doing BBQ on the grass. Election Day. Vivian searched the candidate list of the three leading parties. Anyone below #15 on the list is a mystery person. And these guys will lead the country where to?… Who knows. The poles give the Retirees party 6-8 seats. It so, it’ll be the first time that the retirees will be given a chair by the system. Usually we give them nothing. I think of their shrinking social security payments, insufficient medical coverage, long list of non-reimbursed medications and other benefits that disappeared or were emptied of their meaning … think of the expenses my parents have to deal with, since the country does not. Does anyone remember that Israel started as a socialistic country? I know Bibi does not. And I have no clue how well the Likud is doing in the poles. If it was up to me, the question would be how BAD it is doing. By the time the sun will show some face here, the initial samples should start streaming in.

Where is she going, my country? I care, but from afar. I care, but do nothing about it. Like many good Israelis, I have lots of criticism and as many ideas how it would be run better. You can only be grateful that I keep them mostly to myself. I care, and I’m here. Yes, my volunteerism with Israel2020 was something I did with all my heart, but how long can you be excited about talking about the things we should be doing. I believe they Israel202 is still talking.

I care, but not willing to hear from another arrogant Israeli “you are not technical enough” I made my choice, @ least for the next few years, maybe longer. Funny how people whom I don’t really know altered my life.  Here I am, with a technical product, once again absent from elections that may put the future of Israel in the hands of political enigmas.

Re-reading the above, I wonder why do I need so many words in order to say (or avoid saying), “damn it, I may be here, but I care; it’s still my first home, and I miss it, more so today.”  OK, so I said it. Can I shift back and be cynical about it now, please?

(written as voting was on-going)


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