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April 7, 2007

#92 Back from the Past (January 2006)

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Food Politics - the coverFood Politics


Not on the Label Food Politics – Interesting concept, isn’t it? One Marion Nestle, doctor from NYU, wrote a book titled exactly that, Food Politics. As I add soymilk to my morning coffee (ran out of cow milk with the previous cup), I can’t help wondering about what’s REALLY better, soymilk or the “made by a cow” one? No worry, this is not intended to be a nutrition session. I enjoy both. However, truth to be told, the coffee tastes better with cow’s product.

So, what is “food politics” and why should one care about it? Food companies, just like the cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, or any other commodity manufacturers, routinely place their need to make money over the considerations of public health, OUR HEALTH specifically.

The disconcerting thing is that much of what the food companies do in order to create a favorable sales environment for their (fat/cholesterol/sugar/food additives) products – lobbying, marketing, engaging the services of renowned nutrition experts – is conducted behind the scene, away from our hungry consuming eyes and bellies.

This goes to the extreme that the political system and the nutrition experts that some of us religiously follow, are harnessed to encourage us to eat more of THEIR “preferred friends’” products, whether or not healthy. The author, Marion Nestle (talking about promoting Food…) shares her experience chairing a USDA committee dealing with nutritious recommendations, in which on her first day on the job, was told by the big Kahuna that she can recommend anything, as long as her recommendations will say nothing about avoiding beef. The cow farmers have a very active bullish like lobby; one that believes that what is good for the National Cattlemen’ s association is moooooooch more important than our health. The cigarette companies lost the battle, the food guys however, are still feeding of our malnutrition.

And if you care for a big, cholesterol (& fat, & sugar) rich meal, here’s the place to go.

Big Lunch





Out for Lunch

True, real people’s lunches cannot compete with the millennia long lunches of the staff of the Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy, but it doesn’t mean that real people cannot have experiences in their on little galaxy. The Deli lunch in New York is what made the 2nd Avenue Deli, Carnegie Deli, Katz’s Deli, Stage Deli and many other the landmarks what they are – must visit spots that make many diners, Jews and non-Jews alike, very cholesterol-happy.

On a recent Saturday, I was guided to another local “institution”, Harold’s NY Deli (!

Should be a heart shape, not an apple, considering the fat, cholesterol and all…

Cheesecakes and chocolate cakes (one foot high and 40 pounds heavy), 19-ounce pastrami sandwiches, matzo balls (kneidalach) the size of oranges and two-pound super-size éclairs—food for giant appetites.

We shared a roast beef sandwich for lunch, and managed to consume only half of it, the other half provided great sandwiches for another two days. Two weeks later, having to share this amazing experience, I brought my parents in. The three of us shared one sandwich and one potato pancake (Latke) the size of a frying pan. One order, 3 diners, and we had a problem finishing our meal. Admitting to the enormous size of their dishes, one is encouraged to share, with no extra charge. The scary thing though, is how many diners don’t. America XXXXL.

BIG Harold's desert

Harold BIG desert


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