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April 14, 2007

#100 Books over Manhattan

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Close your eyes for a second. Now try to mix mix Bullets Over Broadway with Pulp Fiction. Transition yourself from the competitive world of playwriting to the even crueler world of books and publishing, and you get an idea of the great reading joy I had with Martha Grimes book Foul Matter.

Thanks to Pat L. I met Martha Grimes’ writing. The first book, sad and disturbing in its well-written plot, was great; the suspense, the guesswork of identifying the killer, the humanity vs. the monstrosity of different characters. Good reading indeed, much better and less predictable than the Grishams, of the world. So it’s no surprise that on a recent Sunday visit to B&N, I ended up with another book of Ms. Grimes. To my surprise, this one is as far removed from the previous one as one could not expect. No longer in England, this story takes place in Manhattan.foul matter

You may have forgotten how Pulp Fiction starts. It starts with the definition, “PULP (n.) g 2. A book containing lurid subject matter, and being characteristically printed on rough, unfinished paper”.

Foul Matter is “Waste matter – any materials unused and rejected as worthless or unwanted. Yet there’s a publishing definition too; “manuscripts and typescripts of works, corrected galley and page proofs, drafts of book designs and other…

By the end of the book it all makes sense. One successful author wants to use his power to clean the publishing arena of one of its more ruthless publishers. The way he chooses to do it though, while creative, generates the much ado about nothing that makes this book so funny and juicy while sensitive. From the loving assistant editor through the writer who is blind to this love, from the frustrated poet through the low-self-esteem editor.pulp fiction
We are not surprised when hungry writers or thirsty poets commit suicide. The idea of assassinating one on literal grounds is what makes this book such a great (light) reading. Go, Read.

My copy is available to the interested reader.




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