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May 24, 2007

#102 Memorial Day to Remember

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How can one explain Yom Hazikaron in 5 minutes? This clip may…

I know that whenever asked about Yom HaZikaron I stumble. It’s part of the Israeli identity, my identity, in ways which some I’m not even aware of. This year it was no different.

Well, actually it was.

Thursday, 3 days before, and I’m @ the general rehearsal for the community ceremony. First time we rehearse with the local Israeli Scouts group. Our three songs weaved into their quotations and memoirs. That consulate, I think to myself, they never responded to my request to include Tom in the list of those who already paid.

Tom. What can you say about a 23 years old kid, a helicopter pilot, who died in the line of duty? Why? Why like this? Why so young? As if we get to choose. As if there’s an answer.

What can you tell his mother- my dear cousin- that she doesn’t already know? That he was amazing, the rare mix of a committed Israeli, salt of the earth and a young global citizen who could hold his whiskey… who spent one of his few Fridays off duty in his sister’s school as part of a career day… who on Yom Kippur two years ago, his guitar playing and his pals singing along created the music I went to bed with. A secular Israeli way to commemorate Yom Kippur; one of the better ones too. And now all we can do is commemorate him. Tom (means innocence and in Hebrew)! Innocence and death don’t sit very well together.

And I didn’t fly to the funeral. Guilt is something one has to live with.

The rehearsal is going on, and suddenly, one of the slides that keep changing on the screen @ the back of the stage catches my eyes. Million Stars, Tom Farkash. Well, he did make it. How pity is this? I’m happy because his memory will be public, not only in my thoughts, in the thoughts of all those who loved him, but also a part of the public memory of this Yom HaZikaron, here, @ the Bay.

I go to the girl who I was told will be singing the song, and warn-bag her to sing it as best she could. “He was my cousin”, I say. “We all sing it together” she says.

And when this group of Israeli scouts, who live here, and also live there, stand up to sing Million Stars, it hits me. I can’t stop the tears. The stream of snippets of memories, like breakfast on a Saturday morning @ their home… The last time I saw him about a month before he died, for maybe 10 minutes. And now there’s that song, and all the people who never knew him must know how special he was.

Million Stars can’t tell.

I remember the collage on the counter in their home, a collage I guess Reut, his many-years girlfriend made.

Fixing broken wings of Angels – Here” was the center piece, surrounded with his photos; happy photos.
Every time I think of this sentence, the photos surrounding i, I feel like screaming, while I fight the tears, while I wipe the tears.

Bye Tom.


Read More:

A Million Stars

Lyrics and tune: Iftach Kerzner

You wanted to fly, You wanted to move forward
With half a smile you went up
A million stars in the sky
Catch the color of your eyes
Give me just one second to tell you goodbye

You wanted to fly, you went too far
In the midst of all this chaos, there is no one left to protect me
A million stars in the sky
Catch the color of your eyes
I wanted just a second to tell you goodbye

I wanted to sing
You took up your guitar
An angel playing for me
Now with you I am singing
A million stars in the sky
Catch the color of your eyes
I wanted to sing to you, to tell you goodbye
I wanted just one second to tell you goodbye
Give me just one second to tell you goodbye

Bye Tom

מיליון כוכבים

מילים ולחן: יפתח קרזנר

רצית לעוף רצית כבר הלאה,
עם חצי חיוך עלית למעלה,
מליון כוכבים בשמיים,
תופסים את הצבע שלך בעיניים,
תן רק עוד שניה אחת לומר לך,



רצית לעוף, הלכת רחוק מידי,
בתוך הטירוף אין מי שישמור עלי,
מליון כוכבים בשמיים תופסים את הצבע שלך בעיניים,
רציתי שניה אחת לומר לך שלום.


אני רציתי לשיר,
אתה הרמת גיטרה,
מלאך מנגן לי עכשיו אז איתך אני שרה,
מליון כוכבים בשמיים תופסים את הצבע שלך בעיניים,
רציתי לשיר לך לומר לך שלום,
רציתי שניה אחת לאמר לך שלום,
תן רק עוד שניה אחת לומר לך שלום,
ביי תום


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  1. I never met Tom or knew him, but his dead broke my heart…
    God bless his memory.

    Comment by Stan — June 5, 2007 @ 04:34 | Reply

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