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June 3, 2007

#103 Distracted by the Music

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JazzCame to one of my favorite caf’es around, Mission City Coffee Roasting Co, one that serves music, free wireless, greasy food, stand-up amateurs, great coffee, good teas an, at times, too many annoying students for decor.

Initially, my plan was to finish #103, that until minutes ago, was titled “#103 Java 1, 2, 3 – My JavaOne, May 2007”. To my sheer pleasure, my timing was in sync with the Sunday Jam session, sponsored by Studio PinkHouse. can’t complain. Jazz does not go too well with Java, though the alcohol part, waiting to be written, does. the first was a group of five, name unknown, with loud and strong instrumental pieces, with great rhythms, and a female drummer. This is now followed by an acoustic guitar session played by Thomas Leed (Austria), Teja Gerken and an unknown [arrogant] guy that is asking for a $5 cover charge, starting as i type.

Forget JavaOne; what i have is a stream of thoughts.

measuring the value of a magazine

I’m not big on magazine subscriptions, nor newspapers. Most of the time, I end up with heavier recycling bags, but light value. So, to ensure i never subscribe to a magazine that has too little to give, i came up with my value test. waste paper

it’s rather simple.

pick up the magazine, start “scanning” it, page by page. Tear out every page that has advertisements only, on both sides. start reading pages that have advertisements on their other side. if they show no long term value, read and tear, or tear and read.

now estimate how much has the magazine shrunk. i just canceled a free subscription to a magazine, after i was left with less than a 1/4 of its original size, once i completed the value test. free is not a value.

fenging away“Fenging” Away the House

(feng – wind in Mandarin)

it’s been a while since i put on My Feng Shui Hat and took a look @ the mess which I suppose to call my home. Too long, i must admit. It got tomessy home the point of not inviting people over, for the fear that my home insurance does not cover the hazards one may encounter upon entering the place. No More. The mess must go.

i started a week ago, with, for a change a non-ambitious commitment. everyday, invest 30 minutes in putting things away, either in a closet, cabinet,
Goodwill-destined bag or in the trash.

30-minute a-day may seem like nothing to you, but given how efficient i can be when needed, the first week is a definite success.

for example, i found an earring i [was sure i] lost months. She was very happy to reunite with her partner.

There are the rewards i proactively give myself for making noteworthy progress. and a reward can easily turn into a stick. that’s why the dear new Sonos system did not get installed this weekend. some days 30 minutes just don’t cut it. there’s always next weekend…

just wait a little longer for a casual invitation fro a home-made cappuccino or pasta, or whatever… and soon enough, the study-spare bedroom will be open for guests too. Tali??? Shachar? cleansing

How Clean is Cleanse?

Starting this week, Gradually, I’m transitioning into the regime of cleansing. Cleansing, the dictionary says, is “cleansing the body by washing; especially ritual washing”. given the size of the binder that comes with my cleaning program, it’s not a wash, it’s a religion. first goes away the coffee, than all meats and dairy products… so yes, i was listening today to Jazz music with a large mug of herbal tea. no beer, so smoke, no coffee. sounds like a new religion to me… let’s see how the next few weeks will go. Me – a vegan, does sound like a joke.



  1. I think your new religion is not so new. It’s called Mormonism. On the bright side, you can now take 2 husbands.

    Comment by Rinat — June 4, 2007 @ 09:11 | Reply

  2. Hmmm [wrinkling forehead], Cleansing has no scriptures, only a manual, nor it has a god. how did the Mormons get here?

    Comment by yael — June 4, 2007 @ 09:30 | Reply

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