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June 23, 2007

#104 Java 1, 2, 3 – My JavaOne, May 2007

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Why would I choose to share my room with a woman? Hard to imagine. Years ago, I came up with the rule that the only good reason to share a bedroom with anyone is the intent to share the bed as well.There were exceptions to the rule, very few and far apart; always with mitigating reasons, good, strong ones.

Never, I thought, I’d be doing it for work.DEvilish smile

Budget, laziness, time-effectiveness, all are good reasons, and if I sound apologetic, it is because I am. Dan R. teased me about how only his Chinese colleagues would share rooms, and Tali told me that I work for a stingy company. I am on the defense here. However, in its own unique way, it was a learning experience. But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

On a Sunday afternoon I (over)-packed my car with cloth and stuff I was less than likely to need in a 5-day stay in San Francisco for the duration of JavaFX One. Too much stuff, too many good intentions, like going to the gym… sneakers- never used.

A detour to pick-up my roommate – how nice I am and here we go.

Check-in, unload, unpack, and work. Before I got my cappuccino I was helping with signs, moving around furniture… went to check on my booth, and was proud to see that the committed engineers already left, after setting up and all.

Like two pro-travelers we knew the room needed some additions, some predictable, some not. Fruits, snacks, milk, and aromatherapy candles. Not an easy decision, these candles. Which one would work better,Candles serenity, tranquility, harmony, escape? I ended up with “Relaxing Retreat” and “Serene Escape”, but no matches. And they didn’t deliver on their promise anyway.

While paying, the guy behind the counter asked me “where are you from?” Recognizing the facial features and the accent, I was happy to say “Israel”. “What are you doing here? Go home” was his most unexpected response. An Israeli-Arab sending me home is indeed an unexpected welcome, or should I say wellgo?

“Roomating” is not trivial. I don’t like it when my friend makes my bed while we are paying the hotel for that service. And I can’t help smiling (OK, laughing) when someone is over-ironing cloth. Steam showers have been working for my cloth for years. And she wouldn’t iron mine. (I didn’t ask)

Dinner time. Food and alcohol are the best glue used in JavaOne. 5 days – 5 restaurants. From Ponzu– an Asian Fusion[rate: 4/5] on Sunday night, through Millennium – an all vegan restaurant [4/5] (wish it was here, with my current vegan regime); a “never-eat-there-again” Chinese [-1/1] restaurant, Thai fusion Osha Thai [3.5/5, w/uncomfortable sitting – check website for view of the backrestless benches but fair prices], and on Thursday night, after another reception that is meant to bring people together, ended the week @ LuLu [3.5/5], that takes pride (and money) in its “seasonal Provencal menu served family style”. After 5 days of “bonding”, we are sort of a family… functioning or not.

The right thing to do it to say nothing about drinking. Maybe it’s San Francisco‘s dry air that makes everybody so thirsty. And the default drinks, 6:30 PM and forward, may resemble water only in their color, or physical form, but in nothing else.My education, as you may have noticed, falls short in more than one way. One issue is my lacking the need to change the chemical balance of my blood in order to have fun. Another one is having the expectation to actually have a conversation with the people I’m with, rather than enjoy shouting single-syllables over loud repetitive music. These two made me leave XYZ and walk alone to the hotel room, to concentrate on the zzzzz… XY can take care of themselves.zzzzzzzzzzz

But not for long.


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