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June 24, 2007

#105 – Java 1,2,3,4 – Toast, Drink, and be Sorry

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Knocks on the door pulled me out of whatever I was dreaming about. And sharing the room with a same-gender roommate ensured that I’ll be wearing something…
Two colleagues caring the third. Two sobers and too serious, they question my ability to support the drunk.

Now, I had my fair share of drinking through the years, though no one can say that s/he have seen me drunk. The advantage of extra body mass, good, healthy tolerance, I don’t care. Unlike food, when it comes to drinking, I’m a whole with my body, and when it says “stop”, I do.

Taking a walk down memory lane, I realize that strangely enough, I never had encounters of the drunken kind. I remember confiscating my brother’s cay keys, after he lost in our tequila shot competition, throwing up in the backyard @ the end of Naama’s 30th b-day.

Another incident involved a Japanese friend that while drunk, in my small Cambridge apartment, felt the need to apologize for not speaking up in class, even though he knows it’s important. The power of one’s culture and the need not to let down friends, mixed with alcohol.

Yes, it was tequila again. Surrounded by more Japanese friends, I had nothing to do with the clean up. I provided the armchair and a blanket (later to be washed), while he was carefully observed by concerned Japanese. Respecting the Bushido, and caring for his national and self-respect, I remember asking all present to keep it to themselves. And so they did.

And here I was, @ 2 AM or so, with a drunken roommate that felt the need to

  • apologize for being drunk
  • get rid of all her clothes
  • apologize for the inconvenience
  • complain about her not feeling well
  • apologize for the inconvenience
  • ask for something to drink
  • apologize for the inconvenience

Up and awake, I was up for the challenge, not knowing what to expect. “Have a bucket by the bed, watch her…” OK. I’m ready.Nurse

I always prefer nourishing to nursing; yet this time it wasn’t an option. There was no need for food. I fetched water, I wipe sweaty skin with cold towels, and I had a bucket by the bed.

It didn’t remain empty for long.

I fetched more cold towels, I comforted, I help glass after glass of water to the thirsty, I called the concierge for aspirins, I rejected more apologies… I covered. I washed a smelly bucket. Held it for a refill, washed again.

I sat by the computer, doing emails, listening for distress sounds.

Suddenly I realized that I have no clue what’s next. So I SMShangover kited our drinking expert “what should I expect?”, asking for advice. And… I was made to feel stupid.

So what if I never had to take care of the drunk?!

Told you that JavaOne was an educational experience, didn’t I?


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