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June 28, 2007

#106 – Eyes First. NOTICED missing photo – on it

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What my mind’s eyes see is a biblical prophet feeding doves in front of his worshiping place. The pigeons (=doves – in Hebrew one does not differentiate most of the time) are a mass. Are these doves of peace, or are these pigeons fighting for survival? How can one tell?

Would the Pigeons Feeder be a sequel to the Kite Runner? (Bob: thanks for the extended landing.) and No, the next book is already out, and it’s called “a Thousand Splendid Suns”.

My mind races to the most fascinating conversation I had in JavaOne. Following a business meeting, we shifted to discussing our roots. An Afghani-Muslim, sharing memories of conflict and war, asking about the lack of peace in my region. Both of us are far from our birth places.

Do doves fight for territory? – Of course, as the need rises. How do they feel about survival? I would say very strongly. We too.

These doves don’t go hungry. I’m sure the believers feed them generously. Yet, how do they treat their neighbors?…

[This was written before the Hamas took over the Gaza Strip]


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