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July 7, 2007

#108 Craig and I (I)

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Craig’s List that is, as in

There’s nothing simple and straight forward about relocation. It’s tough, frustrating, and takes much longer than the time it takes for one’s belongings to arrive. Relocation is not about an address change, it’s about a life change.

Did you ever consider how lonely it is?

Your freezer and fridge become your best friends.

Damn loneliness. A weekend with hardly a reason to use your vocal cords… the only thing that grows is the size of your cloths and the number of outfits that no longer fit…

No more. Thanks to Craig’s list.

I think it was Debbie F. that told me about Craig’s “strictly platonic” ( So, on a Sunday morning, I posted my ad. “Relocated, and want to feel @ home” was the title. Watching too many Law & Order episodes, I specified the activities I considered strictly platonic; “from movie to a hike, caf’e, show…talk”.

I leaned back and waited.

Naturally, expect no names, photos, or anything that may identify a guy.

First the Worstraining men

First to respond were the not-so-platonic.

“A” newsflash was: “I am M/32/SanJose. Tall (5′ 11”, slim, fit, runner, clean shaven, and always smell good (AXE!)). I am married but my wife is out of country. So, I am looking for some company this week-end. Interested?”

I really felt sorry for his loneliness. I wonder how his wife feels about it.

“B” is a subtle kind of a guy: “We could do that, or other things that don’t require going out? Interested?”

Then there were the complex, weird, seeking support kind of guys.

The extreme one was “C”. Imagine starting a wonderful friendship with the following monologue:

“Hi. My name is “C”. I’m a 42 yr old white single, prof. male. I’m very open minded, spontaneous,
athletic, fit, sexual, romantic and I have a great personality….. I live in Pacific Heights. I enjoy going to the beach, mts.,parks and the city. I work in the mortgage industry. I also have season’s tickets for the Giants. Hope to talk to you soon,”

I was curios, and gave him my phone number. Now (hiding a smile), one may say MANY things about me, but “nice” is most definitely NOT the first that comes to mind (hiding an even wider smile). So, when on the first call I was told 5 times that “you are nice, you are so nice…” I knew that we may have a problem. Or at least “C” has. And what is a professional male anyway? What one needs to do in order to move from amateur to professional?

To Be Continued


  1. Debbie Says it wasn’t her. so, whomever told me about CL’s “Strictly Platonic” – i owe you big thanks.
    Blogging aside, the guys that i met so far are great, and I’m having a great time.
    Strictly platonic of course. 😉

    Comment by yael wagner — July 7, 2007 @ 11:55 | Reply

  2. hmm, on this evidence (ignoring the upbeat 1st comment) I think craiglist needs a new subcategory named “strictly strictly just platonic”

    Comment by Fionn — July 25, 2007 @ 06:16 | Reply

  3. I would suggest a Craigslist “Strictly Platonic first, let’s see how it goes next”.

    Comment by Annonimit — July 25, 2007 @ 19:54 | Reply

  4. […] few weeks passed since i posted my ad, and blogged about it here (Craig and I (I)), and as I get ready to post another ad, it’s time to share with you more (some) of my […]

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