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July 23, 2007

#109 – Don’t dig Metrosexuals

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Wikipedia [] tells us it’s men who have a strong concern for their aesthetic appearance, and spend a substantial amount of time and money on their images and lifestyles…. Current trends have seen the metrosexual label placed upon male embracing of practices usually perceived to be feminine, rather than those specifically associated with stereotypically effeminate homosexuals…

A little trivia, also from wikipedia: Metrosexual is also a term joked upon people in Mexico City, as the subway system for the area is called Metro; this led to a non-related association that the word means person who has sex in the subway.

I don’t dig metrosexuals. Don’t get me wrong; all men may get manicure, wear pink, red and orange dress shirts, know a good hair die from a bad one, and may tell me that my shoes are sooo last year’s. I’ll be the first in line to take my gay friends shopping, treating them as my very dear personal fashion consultants. Gregory, Christoph (Boston/Paris) and Howie (NYC) have done that, and, truth to be told, have been very good at that too. much better than me, that’s for sure.

Meeting or dating metrosexuals is a whole different story. Sorry, i don’t look at a tree and think SOLACE. I can’t observe and absorb reality, and then just talk about it… i want to be part of it, like the butterfly that with its fluttering wings causes a hurricane elsewhere. It makes life so much more interesting.

My inner, supper-sensitive self may force you to listen to hours of pointless discussions of mythological-X G, disaster date with M and the likes. While some metrosexuals may call this part of the post-traumatic “healing”, I, well, call it venting, processing, sharing… Between us, talking about it with friends beats the shrink’s sofa or armchair; and the drinks are much better too.

To their credit, metrosexuals, as part of their “understanding” self, are obliged to work harder on their partner’s orgasms. no one will say they are selfish men who care only about their own pleasure. still they fall asleep too fast after the act, cuddling or not.
You may ask, if they listen like a girlfriend, work harder in the sack and don’t view sweat as a manly aphrodisiac (don’t even ask) what’s the problem? for one, not only they are understanding, but also they WANT to be understood. They ponder, have deep thoughts, and what’s worse, they no longer feel it’s their gender role to be handymen.

So there’s a potential promise for better sex, but a waver on many other useful functions previously delivered by men. yes, the metrosex may cook wonderful gourmet dinners, but if i get stuck with my car, the best help he may offer is a phone number for his designer-style mechanic. and forget the clogged toilet.

Didn’t it take 14 months for my car plate to get screwed to the car and be properly presented? needless to say, it was done by a female friend!

I’m now reading “Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps” by Allen and Barbara Pease (for more info go to: and, you guessed wrong – i got it from a man, whom for all i know (haven’t looked into it deep enough yet), is less metro and more sexual.

For the record: i can listen AND read maps. and get lost driving just like the next guy.

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  1. Things sure used to be different. I used to think I was old fashioned, now I think I’m simply old…

    Comment by Amiram — July 23, 2007 @ 20:14 | Reply

  2. “old” may be a state of mind… talking to one of my brothers (my junior by ~11 years) i felt much younger and freer than him. 🙂 No offense Guy.

    Comment by yael — July 23, 2007 @ 22:27 | Reply

  3. There is always a spectrum… from smelly armpits/mouth/dirty fingernails… over grooming eye cream/moisturizer/can’t drill a hole in the wall…

    I say keep clean, smell nice and be skilled at handywork.

    Taking care of your orgasms…GOES WITHOUT SAYING!!!

    Comment by Annonimit — July 25, 2007 @ 03:01 | Reply

  4. I read Why men can’t/women can’t back in college. I was between girls and wanted advice. It didn’t really help. but here’s my story….
    I leant it to a girl in the Science faculty who was good at maths and warned her NOT to do the quiz – which btw in my edition the scoring was incorrectly balanced (it seems the Peases’ don’t do maths).
    She did the quiz anyway and was upset, it told her she was gay. I am glad to say she was very forgiving and although single at the time she later found a great boyfriend by taking up .. boxing. They are still together.

    I could say loads more, but let me say this….
    metrosexual is sooooo last year, this year is heteropolitan man’s year see

    Comment by Fionn — July 25, 2007 @ 06:30 | Reply

  5. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

    Comment by Idetrorce — December 15, 2007 @ 15:01 | Reply

  6. Normal Flash sites do not have dynamic URLs and therefore Analytics won’t give you detailed page view information. ,

    Comment by Arnold18 — October 22, 2009 @ 14:03 | Reply

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