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August 5, 2007

#110- A dog in one hand, a doggie bag in the other

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Lab & ballI love dogs. Grew up with dogs, got bitten and licked by them, trained them, got trained by them; you could say I’m a dog person, and let the cats “miaow” all they want. Sadly, my life does not fit a dog; at least not a happy well-taken-care-of dog. So most of the time I miss dogs. For the past month, I had a dog; baby-sitted one to be exact. Lizzi, nine year old Labrador, with the energy and state of mind of a puppy and I shared a home. Lizzi was all for sharing beds too, but there’s a limit to my dog love. We settled on importing her bed into my bedroom every night before lights out time. Can’t tell you that I slept better or felt safer, plus she snores. Nevertheless, it feels good to make a dog happy. Suddenly I had a demanding alarm clock. If I didn’t wake up on Lizzi’s time, the nails tapping on the wooden floors and the little whimpering woke me. An uncovered foot got licked until the body attached to it got up. Having to be home for Lizzi’s ball time and bio-needs preceded any urgent “Must Get Done Now” item at work. Dogs don’t understand “I had to finish this email”. Their world is here and now. To ensure Lizzi’s quality of life, I had my own dog sitter. Does that make me a senior dog sitter? My love though, was put to test on a daily basis. Forget having dog hair all over my cloths or having to build a barricade in front of my bedroom door before leaving thdog poop collectore house [the bitch knows how to open doors]. I really grew to love the morning brisk walks before really waking up. Resisting to being pulled by an eager Lab does develop ones muscles. But how can one enjoy monitoring a dog’s deposit activity, and happily scoop and carry around the smelly hot bag, full with the gift of nature and healthy digestion? Trust me; love does get challenged when it takes the form of a fresh [warm] doggie bag. Anyway, why there are no public trash cans in the residential areas of Palo Alto?

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  1. haha

    Comment by liz — September 5, 2007 @ 14:55 | Reply

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