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August 5, 2007

#111 – One evening in Manhattan

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Even the most hectic business trip has its after hours hourNYC times squares. And my last trip to NJ was no different. No one can judge me if after 4 brain-draining hours I wanted some off-time. And I always can trust Howie and David, my dear friends to deliver, sitting in traffic excluded. I got in early, and had time for a coffee. Walking around 42nd street, 8th-9th avenues, I had no place on mind, until my eyes zoomed on one. The most unpretentious sign in the block, emphasizing the internet access more than the coffee. My coffee sense insisted this must be my destination, and so I walked in. And then I knew it; these guys know coffee. Air-condition less than I’d love it to be, but the selection of coffee beans more than compensates for it. Two guys and a girl, maybe the owners, maybe not, but they know coffee. Got a perfectly made latte, with appreciative looks when I declined the sugar. I take my coffee straight! J And with half a pound to share the joy with Pat. Tasting it the following morning, I loved the acidity and aroma. Sitting down to kill some time until Howie gets off work, I observed the store’s traffic. Liked the mix; more specifically, the bias towards those who either knew what they want or asked the right questions.“Researching” for this piece, I found out that not only Empire Coffee U& Tea serves great coffee, they also have long histEmpire Coffeeory. The store I’ve been sitting in has been in business since 1908. that’s a long roasting time. Now they have a 2nd store in Hoboken, and, as I put it to test, ship anywhere in this country. So…

Name: Empire Coffee & Tea

Address: 568 Ninth Avenue NYC


Drink and be happy.

The evening however, was not about coffee. Around 6:20 came the phone call. “Go 4 blocks North, turn right, walk on the North side of the street…” I accepted the mission. The new Paramoungt hotel NYCParamount hotel on 235 W 46th street is a celebration of design and creativity. Philippe Starck’s creativity, none less. According to the New York Times called it A Hotel Where Magic and Humor Reside. As I walked in, a photographer was taking pictures of girls with very long legs that carried extremely thin bodies. I mean really long legs, and in case that wasn’t enough, most had 4-8 inches heels providing extra height. It would take an NBA player to kiss any of them. I mean at least any part of their face. Given the hotel stylish persona, we couldn’t decide if they were there for a applying for a job @ the hotel or trying for a modeling job. Yes, it’s that kind of hotel.

Paramount Hotel NYC

After one drink @ the bar [Cool design, slow service] we walked to XXX (Howie/David – Help pls) for the sushi I was craving throughout the cleansing. I don’t remember much of the sushi; I know it was good and complemented the hilarious evening we were having. Knowing the men type Howie and David like, I was the one that was interrogated about what men type I liked. My relationships with Craig [‘s list] provided more than enough substance, and if that wasn’t enough, Mr. Fettuccine completed the dissection part of the evening. Now we were ready for deserts.

Junior's Junior’s have been providing sinful cheesecakes (and free cholesterol) to New Yorkers since 1950. Restaurant founder Harry Rosen and Master Baker Eigel Peterson, created and produced what is still marketed as the “World’s Most Fabulous Cheesecake”. The recipe has been part of the Rosen family for three generations. Even today, only one master baker, or better- the CEO [Cheese Executive Officer] oversees the entire process. I went for the carrot-cheesecake; a monstrous piece which only half of it I could consume. We also had the original @ our table. We were, so I’m told, @ Junior’s newest location, @ Times SquaJunior's Samplerre (W 45th street, between Broadway and 8th Ave). Walk back, wait for the attendant to get the car in a humid NY night, last kisses and… can you blame me if the drive back seemed almost tolerable. Worthwhile for sure.

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