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August 7, 2007

#112 – Craig and I (II)

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Who’s Craig?


Craig Alexander Newmark was born on 6 December 1952 in Morristown, New Jersey. Craig is a senior Web-oriented software engineer, with around twenty-five years of experience (including 18 years at IBM), and has become a leader in online community by virtue of running for over 9 years.

What am I talking about

Good few weeks passed since i posted my ad, and blogged about it here (Craig and I (I)), and as I get ready to post another ad, it’s time to share with you more (some) of my experiences . It is rare that one takes an action and can directly see the results or outcome. This most definitely was one of these rare occasions. Conclusions yet to come (wait for III).

Credit and apology

It wasn’t Debbie who told me about Craig’s Strictly Platonic board. Behind on his reading, it took Dan K. – My cousin, and one of the 4 Dans who are regular readers – good few weeks to come out and demand his due credit. A female acquaintance of his moved to a new city and used Craig to start her own local network of friends. She told him, he told me and here we are, corrected. THANKS Dan!!!

What else had happened

Sadly, most of the exchanges didn’t mount to much. Few email exchanges and you realize there’s nothing to say, hence you know there’s no need to push for a meeting. In my opinion, since it’s “Strictly Platonic”, people either don’t put much effort into marketing themselves (yet, some try VERY hard), or are less sensitive to rejection since it’s not a potential romantic partner that rejected them.

Another observation is that some [insecure?!] people are rather take their time. Like D. who wanted to interview me before he’d consider a meeting. After the first questionnaire, the follow up email included “What books do you read? What music do you listen to?” It felt as if without knowing, I joined, JDATE or eHarmony.write too many words

J, a man of few words

One of the more entertaining emails read like a well rehearsed paper. The guy attached two photos of himself, and then went on to say: “Someone once said, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Well that may be true in some cases. But does a picture smile at you when you say something funny? Does a pictures eyes gleam when you walk into the room? Does a picture give you his jacket when you’re cold? Does a picture let you hold the remote once in awhile? Does a picture remember your birthday or what kind of perfume you use? Does a picture’s temperature go up one or two degrees when it feels your hot breath? Does a picture’s knees buckle when you walk by? When you turn a picture over and scratch it’s back, does it purr like a kitten? Does a picture brush against you when you when you pass by and say “gosh you look good tonight”? Yes! A picture may be worth a thousand words but it doesn’t show if a person is a complete slob, or an irresponsible flake.

The complete email was 579 words total, header excluded. I never made it to the end.

Of course, the first sentence was asking for a picture. When I pointed out the contradiction, he said it’ll require some thinking. He’s still thinking, and I never heard from him again.

Expect MORE to come; all Platonic of course.

Platonic only

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