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August 27, 2007

#114 – En route to NJ

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A Thought

I’ve done it for the first time in 1999. That flight was longer, and the stop over then was not in Denver but in Toronto. 8 years later, I fly out of SJC, and it’s not a new job I’m flying to, it’s a prospect customer we are going to see. On that Air Canada flight, chapter 1 was written. Then I was alone; now I’m traveling with a colleague, and this writing is done good fairport inspectionew weeks later.

First Leg

6:30 AM flight to Denver. Who would imagine that there’s a taxi driver that observes the speed limit @ 5 AM. I was lucky enough to be driving with him.

When the inspection alarm goes off twice, I get pulled out of the line for a body search. The guy – a male – calls for “a female body search”. And I watch as one by one the others walk by. Hearing too many warning about losing computers, I cause a scene when I insist that the guard will guard my laptop and bag left on the security screening table. “Since you won’t claim responsibility if my computer will disapairport inspectionpear, I insist you get it here, where I can watch it”. The supervisor is called, my stuff, shoes included, is brought to me, and the supervisor has the honor of body-searching me. According to her metal detector, my new pants have too many metal rings and buckles. Whatever.

Some negotiation later, I get myself an emergency exit seat, and off to sleep/read through most of the flight.

Here is where a long discussion about the stupidity and inefficiency of USA airports security. It’s not PC to profile people, so we waste everyone’s time? One idiot tried for explosive shoes, so we all take off our shoes? What’s the logic in security inspections that inspect for past threats, but don’t even try to be prepared for the future ones?

Legging behind

We touch down in Denver early, and then spend the next 20 minutes waiting for an available gate. Our itinerary shows we have thLOSTe total of 30 minutes lay over to move from one gate to another. By the time we get to our destination gate, the sign shows the next flight. But they are happy to let us through- the crowder the merrier. “Sit anywhere, the flight isLOST full, we gave up on you and gave away your seats” is the welcome we get. I end up in a middle seat,LOSTLOST between an English teacher and a director in the company that manages/franchises the kiosks/stores that sell phones/subscription to all carriers in one place. By the time we land, I know their margins, part of the value chain, and the business model. While the carriers subsidize the phones heavily, these stores get about $235 per each 2-year subscription they sell. A not-so-wild guess would be that some of the OEMs may offer incentives for this model or another, thus improving margins even further.

The English teacher is flying to NJ to help her daughter to move to Texas. We talk books and integration. How do you educate Denver kids who grow in a (generally speaking) homogeneous environment, to be tolerant and respectful to those different from them?lost laptop

Conversation is interrupted when K comes to demand my laptop. “I was talking to the security guy… I left my laptop @ the security counter… give me your laptop… I need to work on my presentation”.

“I don’t have a copy of your presentation” I manage to say, once I’m done sympathizing (and laughing). “You never sent me a copy” I insist. I’m not believed. Laptop is taken out, searched with no luck of course, and returned.

We are en route to NJ.

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  1. F is also guilty of leaving laptop behind after being searched in SFO security after JavaOne. I was packing something else on the banned list and had to mail it home. My laptop didn’t make it back into my laptop bag.
    Why is it they have to go through separately??
    I was so flustered by the search, the discovery of the offending item and the possibility of missing my flight
    that I forgot about the laptop.

    I now avoid laptops ( and travelling with them) whenever possible after the above
    (and after I read that the heat out of them may harm my most vitals.)

    Comment by F M — September 3, 2007 @ 04:14 | Reply

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