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August 30, 2007

#115 – My Faves

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Permission to be stupid

You know those TV commercials that get under your skin? They don’t make you buy anything. Some of them actually discourage you or put you off. It’s not about the product they promote; it’s about the teaser or the punch line, or whatever it is that makes them so damn good.

Well, T-Mobile came up with one. Unfortunately, no YouTube search found this ad I’m addicted to, so depiction will have to do. Not that the others ads from this campaign are bad. Not at all, ask my BFF Jill.

This one is my favorite, the one that makes me laugh every time it’s on; the one I don’t FFWD when watching the DVR.

So for those who have no clue, here it goesHorse carrot

His older brother is obnoxious

Older brothers are a pain. It’s part of their job description. Often, they bully the younger brother. No surprises here too. So this obnoxious older brother, with his two followers, comes to embarrass his younger brother. First he grabs the phone.Chicken

“All his Faves are animals” he giggles to his two cronies.

“The horse” – and the camera zooms on a girl who is biting a carrot

“Chicken” – and the camera zooms on a guy with a tick that quakes a bit.


“Turtle”- and the camera zooms on the guy that is all buried inside his green coat, and only the head shows.

“Giraffe” – and the camera zooms on a long neck sticking out of a T-shirt.

“Pig? who’s the pig” asked the brother, as he laughs and.. Oink, Oink, Oinks.Giraffe

Now all the animals mentioned above are laughing.

Including little brother. Touché.

Who’s in your faves?

And, just as I paste the last photo, the ad comes on, live.

Other T-Mobile Faves clips:

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