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September 6, 2007

#116 – Welcome to NJ (II)

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The first to greet you upon your arrival to NJ

Upon landing, each of us has to face reality. K is going to talk to the TSA guys, hunting down her laptop, while I, knowing my luggage is not waiting for me, have to file a missing luggage report.

No luggage, no laptop in NJ. Luggage is in Denver, Laptop held by TSA in San Jose. Now all we have to do is pick up the rental car and hit the road.

Key in switch and off we go. Looking for shortcuts, I let Telenav guide us. Big mistake. Why on earth would a “smart” navigation program (read: Telenav) tell us to get off the highway, make a U-turn, and get back on?! Bits me… The U-turn did not turn out all that well, and the thump I’ve heard left me with some concerns.

Surely, when I let the stirring wheel loose, it was pulling the car to the right. Inspecting the car from the outside showed a flat front right tire.


On an Island between two streets

I pulled over to an “island” between two streets, and we started calling; Budget on one mobile, AAA on the other. Both companies are SLOOOOOOOOOW to respond. First w ned to agree on our current location. Once we do, both companies inform us that we are inflat tire a “bad area”. True, we can’t see any “Ashkenazim”, but who cares. 20 minutes of negotiations later, we are embarrassed when the Budget rep asks “did you call AAA for help too?” Apparently, both Budget and AAA use the same towing company, of which their dispatch caught on to us. “90 minutes maximum wait” we are told.

The island we are parked @ is the parking lot of the BBQ

Chicken Queen. Having airport/airplane food for 11 hours, we are ready for some serious junk food. Observing the busy coleslawFried Chicken movement to the joint the whole time we were negotiating was good enough reason to checkbisquits it out. Now it’s our turn. Fat time. Forget the yogurt and veggies I ate on the flight. This is high cholesterol, high fat and heart-attack generating food. K. and I walk in looking out [of place]. I envy all the guys who walk in knowing exactly what they want, without a glimpse @ the menu posted about the counter. We, to the contrary, have lots of questions. We end up ordering fried chicken, fries and coleslaw. And in case that wasn’t enough, K. adds a sugar-trap pie to our lunch. “Drinks?” asks the guy behind the counter. “Water” is my answer. K however, is asking “do you have anything diet?” Confusion is written all over the guy’s face. “You know, with less sugar, or with sugar substitute; a diet drink.”

“No, we don’t have any” is the amused answer. I can’t help laughing. “It’s not for diet” K is saying defensively, “I like the taste”. Shortly thereafter we added biscuits to the calories list. Fresh from the oven, melting in the mouth, materializing on the waist.

To cut a long lunch short, by the time we food is gone, and fingers are licked, tire is replaced. K even negotiated, with no extra charge, a replacement car to be delivered to the hotel in the following morning. Good!

@ The hotel, sans luggage (mine), sans laptop (K’s), drinks seem in place. First, we vent, bitch and complain, than we drink. TK, who’d taken a direct flight, got to the hotel hustle-free and well-rested, is treating us. I fight with the airline to deliver my luggage before bedtime; K had given up on getting her computer in Jersey, and DG, who finally joined us, packed 2 laptops, a whole set of cables, but no change of cloth… Did I hear anyone saying geek?lost suitcase

Dinner was good- Thank you T. We feel ready for tomorrow’s work challenges, and as I drift to sleep, sans toothbrush/paste, I say a little pray for my luggage to arrive before I leave.

Lights out.



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  1. Hey, too bad Budget forgot to put a tire iron, jack and a spare in the trunk, huh? 🙂

    Comment by Magnus — September 7, 2007 @ 00:21 | Reply

  2. I’m sure Budget put a jack in the car, right next to the balloon tire that the mechanic took out from the trunk. but having the choice between changing a tire or waiting for someone to do it, i opted for the later. I believe the last time i changed a tire was in 1984. and YES, i know how to do it.

    Comment by yael wagner — September 7, 2007 @ 06:26 | Reply

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