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September 15, 2007

#117 – I want to ride my bicycle

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First you get out of shape

You drive everywhere. Parking is easy and free. You concentrate on the new job, settling down, making friends. You eat out, you drink out, and you take out. And if you are like me, the first thing you stop making time for is physical activity. Never a big fan, there’s no surprise here.Size 16 is smaller

You gain weight.

Now you are much less motivated to move, and it’s harder.

So you park even closer, you take the elevator, you move less. You go out meeting new colleagues. You work hard, not out. You don’t cook.

Food is good, drinks are even better… but the pounds you collect and accumulate are not.

And then you decide to take action. Literally.Hiking

Hiking is great

Endorphins or not, my body feels the difference. Out and about, huffing and puffing climbing up a hill, whining all the way up.

And looking forward for the next opportunity.

It was a hike to Pacifica – thank you K. and N. – that reminded me how much I love, enjoy, live better with fresh air.

Then it was a month with Lizzi (#110- A dog in one hand, a doggie bag in the other) and more hiking.

Hiking destinations are all around me. It’s finding the partner/s to hike with that is hard… which is in fact one of the drivers to the CL effort.

And I’m ashamed to say that I have no hiking planned for this weekend. Yet, there’s biking… first thing tomorrow morning.

I want to ride by bicycle

More than two years ago, while working on my MBA, Melanie gave me her unused bicycle. Embarrassingly, the bicycle was stolen before I even got to ride them once. Parked in front of my Cambridge apartment, I saw it disappear, piece by piece. First the rear wheel was gone, than the seat… within a week or so, while I was working on this paper or another PowerPoint assignment the only piece left was the frame. And the guilt.

This time it’s different. I keep the bike in the car. The legal owner of the bike can see how well protected it is. And I use it. Figured that I already rode it about 40 Miles. Laugh at me, feel free to tease. But I ride. A little, yet I do.

Collector’s Item

Hard to believe, yet I am learning that my bike is a collector’s item.

Since I got it, I keep collecting additional items. From one week to another, the list grows.

First, it was the helmet, than the gloves. After suffering pain in the body part that one uses for sitting, I added a woman’s seat to my growing collection of biking items . As a kid, I rode bike everywhere, and never heard of a man seat vs. a woman’s. Now I have accesories

Bottle holder came next. And then it was time for a tune up. “On-the-house” said the nice guy at the bike shop.

Coming back from today’s (Sunday, 9/16) ride, my car is now decorated wit the latest addition – bike carrier. [Thank you Govind and Itamar!!!] According to the drawing, I can fit up to 3 bikes. I’m not sure. Tested it with 2 bikes, and all went well… until I dropped off the bikes safely and went for my grocery shopping. Forgetting that the rear door now has a “growth”, I closed the door, smashing the “carrier”, frame and all, on my head. The carrier is well Bike Carrierand still attached. As for me? I think that after a shower, my head would appreciate cold towel and some rest.

“What’s next” you ask? Chain protector. Got tired of the grease stains on my riding pants…

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