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October 22, 2007

#118 – home thoughts – draft

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Leaving California on a long trip, en route to Israel, I tell everybody I’m going home.

Leaving Israel to go back to California, I tell everyone that I’m going back home.

In between I’m in Europe, and when asked “where are you from”, I am no longer sure what is the “correct” answer, if there’s one.

In Israel, in a pretending-to-be-Italian restaurant, DanR is nominating my guilt for not living in Israel as the cause for the things I see and don’t like in Israel. In psychology they call it cognitive dissonance. But it ain’t it. In Israel, I have the home I don’t live in but rent out. In California I rent, and have yet to make it my home, as I keep telling all those who want to come over. Coming back last night, I realized that it’s time to set a deadline. BEFORE my next trip, some may get to enter…

Yesterday, sitting in Pearson, Toronto’s international airport, flying home after more than 3 weeks of intensive travel, I recall few Israeli moments of this trip.

In what is no longer called Kachol, lying back on a rocking bed by the Mediterranean, a long glass of ice cappuccino next to me, thousand splendid suns in my lap, I close my eyes and let the late afternoon sun wash me. there’s a breeze, and at times I’m cold. On the next bed over two Austrian women are trying to order wine. The waiter is struggling to say Gewürztraminer, without much success. Happily I come to the rescue. “oh” they smile with noticeable relief. “Gewürztraminer” they repeat, and all my wine-related pride evaporates as their pronunciation is so not like mine. I get 2 points for the effort, Israel is losing 5 points for the (outrageous) price.

I watch the sunset and let all stress evaporate. Later, friends join me, food is set on the table, and the conversation is about everything but politics, personal safety, or global conflict. I’m home.

On the Friday of the same week, and than again on the following Monday, the meeting place is a restaurant set in an orange grove. Tapuz (orange in Hebrew) is where entrepreneurship meets trees. Making a living out of oranges no longer an option, the orange grove with its cooling factor provides a perfect setting for country style restaurant. Did I say “perfect”? Forget it. On my first visit, getting out of the car, I bung my head on an orange tree. On the second visit, Shelly ended up with a flat tire and I got to help with the changing… initially. Two guys, one an IDF navy officer, the other the father of the owner, came to the rescue. My hands got dirty getting the spare tire out of the trunk nevertheless. The funniest (saddest) story is about the oh so snobbish woman driving a brand new Volvo, who backed it into… well yes, an orange tree. She didn’t even bother to get out of the car, and quickly drove her embarrassment elsewhere.

One thing for sure, she is not going to sue the owners for having put an orange tree on her way.

This is Home, no doubt.


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  1. גַשׁ הָלְאָה

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