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December 5, 2007

#119 – FOAM on the Water

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I do have the ability to find trouble, problem, or stupid embarrassments wherever I am. You may call it chaos theory, but I doubt one needs to take it so far. Call it my special talent. Sounds so much better, right?

That’s the way at home, where I throw the house keys in the garbage only to return hours later, realize they are not in the car, replay the day in my mind and dig in the garbage can into which I throw them in along with the garbage. A month or two later it was a hard drive “case” I was about to return to Frye’s that ended up in the very same can. It wasn’t until Eran asked for it that I was faced with the “oops, I did it again”. A month or so later, this time at work, my dear Amex card joined my lunch leftovers… yes, in the garbage. I didn’t dive in. I just called Amex for a replacement card…. to the replacement card I got from them a week earlier, after its predecessor was left in a very good Brazilian restaurant in Budapest. You think you heard enough? Not yet.

Hard to admit, but business trips have their moments too. Arriving to a customer meeting under-dressed after the airline lost your luggage is the least of my worries. After all, I’ve been there, done that. . .

And then there are REALLY slippery moments, so slippery one may break a leg if not too careful. These are my moments. In the last trip, I managed to flood the bathrooms in all hotels but one. Four out of five if you really need to know. that’s why they put extra towels in the bathroom, right?Hotel Kleber - Front

So keeping this in mind, let’s go back in time… to an earlier biz trip.


You see, there’s that hotel in Paris – the personality-rich Hotel Kleber, the hotel that in all my biz trips I stay in. It’s close to our office, to the Metro, to the Arc de Triumph… and has rooms with real personality, lots of reds, bordos and purples on the walls, the beds… the curtains. I love this hotel, with all its quirkiness…

in September I introduced Dan and Jerry to it, and…. lost my calling card there. Hotel Kleber - LobyIn a previous visit however, I did much better.

It was more slippery than I would ever imagine.

Put together hotel staff that already knows me from previous visits, landing exhausted and with a major backache and the pleasant surprise of getting the room with the Jacuzzi.

Hmmm, backache, jacuzzi… couple of hours before I have to get on a call. Soon enough water is running, and bath foam is being added. And added again for a good measure. And again for aching back and neck.

Enter the hot foamy heaven, sink in the water/foam, close the eyes, lean back and feel how peace of mind, neck and back is being restored.

photo_111506_002.jpgAt first it’s fun, I can build towers of foam, castles, abstract sculpturephoto_111506_001.jpgs… the jets are great. Soon however the fun is over. I’m being buried alive under a mountain of foam. there’s no escape, I have to do something. And fast. By now turning off the jets is not enough. I have created a monster.

Soon I learned that you can flash foam, that cold water is a better killer of foam than the hot ones, and that there’s a reason why the foam bottles are small.photo_111506_004.jpg

The battle was long but very clean. Very white too. photo_111506_003.jpg



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