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December 9, 2007

#121 – I vacation (Part II)

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As I get out of the cab, I apologize to the driver, “I’m sorry for lashing so at you. Ive beimg_2619.jpgen using your company for almost two years, and never before a driver lost me in the street. And… I really don’t want to miss my flight.”

I enter the terminal 42 minutes prior to taking off. As I hand my boarding pass to the attendant, he avoids eye contact, picks up the phone and asks the superior being on the other side to open the flight for a bag of a passenger who already checked in on-line. “I’m sorry” I soundlessly mouth. “you need to do a multiple-flights luggage tag”, I add. “i have two more flights before I reach my destination.”

All is taken care of and I’m ready for the security check. there’s one older Asian couple ahead of me. “You need to take off your jacket” the tired TSA guy tells the older man. “the jacket?” the man repeats. “Yes.”

and the shoes too”. “the shoes?” “yes.”

The TSA guy makes eye contact w/me and fakes yawns as he keeps repeating his instructions. “And the belt” I add. “what?”. “You need to take off your belt” I tell the gentleman. He doesn’t understand. Mr. TSA is smiling, I mouth “belt”. He doesn’t get it. can’t lip read. “The belt”, I say for the 5th time. “tell him to remove his belt”. “oh”. “Sir, please remove your belt” he addresses the gentleman, who is struggling with his shoe laces. As I move forward and lay my stuff on the belt, TSA tells me, “we are hiring, you know”. I thank him, laugh and move to pick up my shoes, computer and all.

I made it, and I have about 10 minutes to spare. As I reach the gate, I see familiar face. I can’t help laughing. In all my in-out Israel trips, maybe once or twice I met familiar faces. And here in San Jose I do?! Brisa is watching my bag as I go to get water and a bagel – the first course of my dinner, to be served in installments, over the next 5 hours or so, served in two additional airports.

As I take my seat, I realize that I am, how banal, going on a vacation. 17.5 hours of 3 flights, Chapter #119 completed and one truck ride later, I’m waiting for my ferry ride in a rustic, bad service hangout. Quietly I scan the people around me,Bitch most are destined to spend the next few days with me @ the same resort. I am not too excited with the prospects. Few retirees, few families with overbearing moms and over-spoiled branded kids, few young can’t-take-my-hands-of-you couples… no one that seems to be really interesting. A horrible latte later we board the ferry.

I put knapsack, pocketbook and feet on the front bench, claiming territory, put my best “don’t get near me” look, and hope for a fast quiet ride. Time to start vacationing, right?!

As we are getting ready to leave, another couple climbs in, and my look does not deter them. “excuse me, can we sit here please?” I take an extra second to make my point, before I move the knapsack without a sound.

As the man’s rear end is pushing against my pocketbook inch by inch, the intruding couple is having a quiet conversation. Minutes go by. I reevaluate. Actually they are really likable. I think to myself that I don’t really have to maintain the “I’m a bitch” attitude, and put the pocketbook on the floor. Within seconds we are engaged in a conversation, and I’m reassimg_2601.jpgured; they are indeed very nice and fun to be with. Conversation is flourishing, and by the time we arrive, we already make plans for the week.


Just step off the ferry. One little step.



Photos Credits:

Island photos: Larry K. Stutz

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