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December 25, 2007

#123 – This time of the year

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I want to have a great year. I’m not being selfish, I want you and yours to have a great one too. Recycling what you may had received via email, here’s your form/check list for a great next year.

Have a Wonderful Great year. If your higher power wants you to be more specific, here you go:
May you
Reach _______________________
Get ________________________
Complete ____________________
Get rid of ___________________
Accomplish ___________________
Learn ______________________
Stop _______________________
Start ______________________
Meet ______________________
Lose _______________________
Gain _______________________
Give _______________________

Leave ______________________
Forgive _____________________
Forget ______________________
Enjoy _______________________
Make _______________________
Find ________________________
Remember ___________________
Share _______________________

Receive _____________________
Listen _______________________
Love ________________________

Be __________________________

Once completed, please print and send to the higher authority of your choice.

Don't say Christmas

Now that we’ve all been blessed, I’m ready to share some thoughts of Christmas.

Years ago, while leaving in Canada, people had campaigned against the establishments wishing Merry Christmas. Christmas, the argument went, is not a holiday shared by all, therefore it’s offensive to me, me and me. Really? Seriously? So if it wasn’t for Christmas, what is the cause for this gift shopping craze? Yes, I’ve spotted Hanukkah gift shoppers here and there, but they are the minority.

As far as i recall, Kwanzaa didn’t yet come to life at that point. The extremists went as far as saying they’ll boycott any Cool Santa store/mall/establishment that its decorations will include “Merry Christmas”. I thought it to be stupid then, and now i think of it as a case of politically correctness going stupid.

I can’t recall anyone saying “this is not a holiday, i should go to work today”. Nor can i recall a non-observer saying “I’m offended by Boxing Day sales, I cannot take advantage of these amazing prices, it’s against my beliefs”. What seasons are we talking about, anyway? Originally it was the celebration of winter. Later, I read, it was the solstice festival. And it kept evolving…the Twelve Days of Christmas are attributed to the Saturnalian traditions of the Romans. You can read more Christmas myths HERE. Rick Shenkman wrote about the Top 5 Myths about Christmas. So weather one likes it or not, it’s Christmas, and the proper greeting is Merry Christmas. To all of us, regardless of religion.Jesus Sukkah

I lost one friend because he perceived my reading of the roots of Catholicism, and worse, my desire to discuss it with him, as disrespectful. Religion can do it to one. So, I don’t want anyone to tell me how I should or shouldn’t celebrate any of my holidays, and I don’t want to be one of those self righteous who want all of us to be alike. Life would be so boring. I love our differences, am happy to be happy with you on Christmas (never refused to attend a good meal), and your Eid, and your Diwali…

True, if I’m a student in a public school, I don’t want to be studying about things that are not part of my own heritage and religion unless we all study about all traditions. Anything else implies that my heritage/religion is not as important. Respect to one’s beliefs should not be proportional to the demographics, so don’t give me the minority BS, or the “this is a Christian country”. Hence, if there’s a Nativity Scene in school, I’d like for Passover to ahve a scene with Moses floating in the basket or crossing the Red Sea. It’s OK to skip the ten plagues. For Sukkot, I want a Sukkah and the school cafeteria should be serving lunch there.

Sounds absurd? to whom? I am still touched by the Hannuka Gelt (Maot or D’mei Hanukkah in Hebrew) a Christian colleague gave me for Hanukkah. we can respect and enjoy from the inside, from the outside… it does not really matter. and it’s CHRISTMAS.

Clarification: The Sukkah pasted here is not a Kosher one. I think the artist referred to it as “SeussSukkah”.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, really like the idea with the form. Did you come up with that?
    And great Christmas story.

    Comment by Canadian Smart Links — February 15, 2008 @ 05:11 | Reply

  2. yes, i came up with it while struggling to come up with a single format for merry new year card to all my friends. given they represent a great collection of individuals, that was the only way i could greet them all, using my “one card fits all” idea.

    Enjoy, and thanks.

    Comment by yael wagner — February 23, 2008 @ 22:24 | Reply

  3. Sorry, but it makes perfect sense for some people to be offended by the public celebration of Christmas. Here’s an example – let’s assume you are Catholic or Christian or whatever. How would you feel if everywhere you went people only said “Happy Hanukkah” and all the decorations only said “Happy Hanukkah.” Wouldn’t you feel a little offended that a religion that you don’t follow was being forced upon you? Wouldn’t you feel like everyone was being presumptuous and was showing a FAVORITISM towards a religion you don’t agree with? Just because the majority of people celebrate Christmas, that doesn’t mean it’s OK to show a favoritism towards that religion. Showing a favoritism for a certain religion will naturally offend people who don’t follow that religion.

    The truth is, all religions are complete scams and therefore it is ignorant to show a favoritism for one or another. They are all equally invalid – they were all at some point in history INVENTED by people for one reason or another…so it is simply stupid to claim that any religion is “better” or “right.” That are all just a fake set of rules/beliefs that some people came up with long ago (and even more recently – scientology, mormons, etc.).

    Comment by Sean Meyer — December 8, 2008 @ 08:59 | Reply

  4. Totally agree on the Kirsten Dunst comparisons. ,

    Comment by Red65 — October 22, 2009 @ 14:03 | Reply

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