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January 28, 2008

#125 – It’s not easy being green II

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KermitAs I wrote before, I learned to appreciate individualism the hard way. Trying to be part of the herd and realizing that for one, I suck at it, and if that wasn’t enough, that the emotional price involved with being not me, is too high for me to pay.
That’s true for cloth, communication, limited ability for hypocrisy, and couple of other traits that got me in trouble before. And will too.

So I never wanted an iPOD. EVERYBODY had one [almost]. Nor [an] MP3 player. “The in-flight music channels”, I insisted, “are more than enough for me. All I need is a good headset”. All was nice until I got to the point that I run out of channels. Sitting on a 10-hours flight when you are sick and tired of the music is a good drive to BYOM to your next flight.
Right away I had my search criteria:
#1 – cannot be an iPOD. iTunes are annoying enough, no need for more.
#2 – sound quality is #1 priority
#3 – movies are low priority. In the days of 38” TV becoming the new standard,who wants to squint for 90-130 minutes?
#4 – find a friendly expert (not to say an audiophile or a geek) to identify a player that obeys #1-3.

And so I did. A full report was generated and emailed, leaving me with too much information, a feature list and the inability to make up my mind. Plan B was needed.

So I went to Fry’s with my own consultant. It worked much better. Now I’m the wondering owner of the Zen (16 GB). My next trip, starting this Saturday, going though February 27th, will provide the opportunity to find out if the consultant was right.Creative Zen


Falling asleep with the music though, won’t be an option. See #124 for a partial list.

And this is not the only gadget that took residence in my life. Have you tried SONOS?

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