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June 21, 2008

#130 – This Airport ain’t My Home

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My home address is not Business Lounge, Airport.World. In the past months though, it sometimes felt this way. Getting to the point that I KNOW where the lounges are, remembering in which airport the cappuccino is drinkable, and in which airport there’s a reason for the lounge food being free. Sadly, paying me to eat it would make more sense.

And here I am, for the last time in this quarter, in an airport, in a lounge, getting free Wi-Fi from the next lounge over, desperately thinking of yogurt, resisting touching the nuts. staying away from the alcohol. 11 AM is too early for any of it.

Developing mental visualizations of airplanes floor plan, showing up an extra hour early since i know the flight is full, getting used to the German abnormality of passport control between domestic terminals. all gets registered and becomes part of a routine.

the next step will be that the staff in the lounges or on the airplanes will remember me. Smiling. giving my endless source of requests for improvements, this is a real possibility.

Practice does make is easier. Perfect is not an option in today’s aerial world. tolerable is morAt ease in the terminale like it.

So where do I start?

How about this: in Chicago airport, with couple of hours between one flight to next, i sit in one of the cafes. Well practices in creating around me the atmosphere of “leave me alone, i want this space for myself”, i am surprised when a guy (medium height, unmanaged beard, casual outfit) asks if he could sit down. “Yes” I say reluctantly, as i dive deeper into the book I’m reading, the coffee I’m drinking, the useless calories I’m consuming.

denying the guy’s existence, i rearrange my carry-ons, ensuring that earphones, book, MP3 and socks are in the light backpack. “Excuse me, would it bother you if i asked you a question”, Mr. Beard inquires. “No”, i say, only to immediately reverse it to “Yes, go ahead”.

Witch Cooking

“Do you practice witchcraft, or do you only read about it?”

I’m so shocked, i don’t even laugh. “what?!”

“Do you practice witchcraft, or do you only read about it?”

“why are you asking?”, is my lame response.

“Well, the book you are reading”, is the not-at-all-embarrassed response i get. Apparently, as i was rearranging my stuffWitch Broom, the guy looked at the books i was moving around. It had to be the 2nd book i had, since the book i was reading had cannibals, a bat with sunglasses, a Sky Priestess and a sorcerer among its characters, but no witches.

At this point I’m laughing out of control. I’ve been called witch before, but somehow no one was ever that serious about it. I smell no garlic, see no cross, but the guy is reading the bible. Go figure. Finding God as the answer to his life, i find out, it was kept this guy alive. i don’t question his sanity.

Nor do i tell him that at my home, there’s a broom leaning against the wall. You can’t miss it. you see it as you walk in.

Spiderweb soup anyone?


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  1. Witch, heh? Join the club. 🙂 Hope the poor guy broadens his horizons someday. In the meantime, it may be useful to remember that spiderwebs are more useful as the stuff used for closing wounds then for soup. For soup there is a whole variety of nasty or nice herbs to use. Or a good stone or two. Any one of which can be used to ward off “unmanaged beard” types.


    Comment by anet — June 21, 2008 @ 13:26 | Reply

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