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June 30, 2008

#131- To Geek or to Gape?

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Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Sing Star. . . for the longest time I took pride in my ignorance. “Guitar Hero?” I asked. “Never heard of it. What is it anyway?” PS2 meant nothing to me. Correction: I thought PS/2 had something to do with fiber optics or my computer. Embarrassed to ask, it took a while before I learned that PS = Play Station. Waking up early and line up in front of a store that offers the new PS3? Not in my lifetime. I can’t quote any Star Trec or Star Wars famous line without a computer or a geek near me. I never heard of Gary Gygax, nor found out that he recently passed away.

Too often I gaped watching colleagues and friends talk for hours about characters and universes I didn’t even know existed. D. playing a plastic, stringless guitar? Inconceivable! Staff meeting turning into “PlayStation history 101”? unbelievable. And yet I’ve attended the class. Took no notes though.

Adults getting excited over anything PS3? My inner self couldn’t comprehend. Tetris was more than enough for all my gaming needs. “I love Pictionary”, I stated proudly again and again. A game in which you hold a pen and impose your thoughts and ideas on paper, this is what a good game is all about. Interaction with people, sharing hilarious and challenging moments for the sake of pure fun. Computer games? No Way. Games on my phone? Not a chance. At least not until. . .

Couple of weeks ago, I was invited to sing with Sing Star.The songs were too British, and the shop selection was even more British. Fun, but nothing more. A week went by, and I was invited to join a Rock Band. I miserably failed the drumming test. Instead, I was hired as the lead singer. 4 hours later, with one call to Bill for help, and 6 or 8 gigs, I was hooked.

Welcome to Geek world. You can checkout any time you like, But you can never leave!

To be honest, there were some warning signs. “find me a game I’d like”, I asked my favorite geeks. I was sent to; I was put in front of a PS3, completely helpless with the controls, trying one game after another. And then, just like that, over a Sunday lunch, I was handed a Nintendo (DS Lite) with Professor Layton and the Curious Village loaded. And I couldn’t wait to get a chance to help the professor and his annoying apprentice. A week later I was given the white box, and unable to wait until a lost charger was found, rushed to buy a 2nd one @ Fry’s.

This however, is nothing compared to joining a Rock Band. Plus, of course, i wasn’t having much success with Prof. Layton’s puzzles.

So is it a matter of finding the right hook? Is it a matter of passing a certain level of exposure to geeks followed by an incubation period?

Dunno. All I can tell you is that Mississippi Queen is really hard to sing, and not a favorite… unlike “I think I’m Paranoid” which quickly grows on me.

Care to join a rock band?


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  1. It is like anything in life. We tend to categorize games in a way we wouldn’t with say books or movies. If somebody said to you “I don’t watch movies, not for me” you would be very skeptical. Same with books, although there really are some people who just don’t read, different issue.

    There are games for everybody. It is just about finding your thing. I personally love fun games like Star Wars lego. Simple, easy to play, I don’t have to keep playing the same level over and over again to make progress, I don’t have to shelve the game if I get stuck. Other people like that challenge. I love graphic adventures in the classic sierra and lucas arts vein such as Monkey Island but they are few and far between.

    I also hate guitar hero because I can actually play and this experience has nothing to do with the game. It actually makes it harder.

    To each his own. Glad you found yours.

    Comment by Martin — June 30, 2008 @ 09:03 | Reply

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