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July 13, 2008

#134 – I Love Rhapsody

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Hard to recall life pre-Rhapsody. Watching an old episode of Criminal Minds [Hard to recall life pre-DVR], the finale scene’s soundtrack included a song I liked. Playback, picking up few sentences, Googling, get the song and singer’s name, click Rhapsody, type in, and. . . the song is playing over the speakers without Agent Gideon quoting William Shakespeare over the song.

In previous life: try to memorize the few lines of the song one could pick, try to sing or recite it to a friend who’s taste one thinks is close to that song. . . and hope. If one got lucky the song was played on the radio within the time span of one’s ability to remember the song. . . nothing too promising.

But this is not it. I love Rhapsody for the games it allows us to play. How about the “make a wish” game. Not too long ago, Francine was over. And we tried to bit Rhapsody. “Tell me your favorite song”, I asked. And there is was. This is how I learned that one of the bands I enjoy listening to is Journey, nameless until then.

And this is how Francine learned that one of my favorite songs is a James Brown song. Click below for a surprise performance, with non less than. . . just click, will you?

James Brown and Pavarotti, unbelievable performance. embarrassingly, while watching i was wondering how easy is the drumming for the song compared to, you know. . . i managed to get so far without saying the R word.

There’s more. I love Little Wing. so imagine that 11 clicks on the keyboard got me the list of all version, original and covers. Clapton, SRV and Jimi Hendrix were a given, but what about Ottmar Liebert, The Corrs and Elvis Schoenberg’s Orchestra? All of which are worth listening, BTW.

This experience would have been limited, if it wasn’t for the comfort or spoiling offered by Sonos. I mentioned it before, so what?! Let me just say that having the ability to play the same music in all rooms, control it from one interface [computer or heavy remote], and manage all music on one’s network is a lot. Spoiling indeed. Soon to be categorized under “Hard to recall life pre”.

When you consume music as I do, even if i don’t know the song or singer’s name or biography, this is a great solution. Enjoy.


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  1. You can remove another of these steps by using a music identifier application. I am using Shazam on my iPhone and have been impressed with some of the obscure tracks it has recognized.

    Comment by Martin — August 8, 2008 @ 11:38 | Reply

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