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April 4, 2010

#145 – New Logo – Now Let Go!

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In 1997, I entered the high tech global village.  8 years with Tel Aviv University and a short stint at a bio medical start up [that went under later] didn’t prepare me for Israeli hi-tech culture.  I couldn’t tell the creative prima donnas from the nerdy geeks; the geek that loves cooking vs. the geek that loves geeking.  I didn’t know that, just like in the IDF, there’s a whole new vocabulary of 3-letter acronyms I needed to learn. I was ignorant to the “conflict” between HW and SW teams, when asked which one I think is more important;  should have the higher status, and why.  Engineers.

Madge Networks was English, very English.  However, I was working in the Israeli office, which was made of former LANNET people.  The proud team of the first spin off of RAD group, those whose unique culture and team spirit were proactively ignored by the British R. Madge.  I was in M&A land too, with people refusing to acknowledge that we were Madge, and no longer LANNET.  The merger wasn’t going too well one may say.  Madge, wanting to sell us, made us LANNET again.

The red signs were replaced with blue.

And then Lucent bought us.  Almost over night, the signs, biz cards, logos on the company cars changed to red.  M&A veterans, we were happy to be part of the data group among the voice leviathan.  VoIP was around the corner, and we were in the midst of it.

Lucent is also the company that brought me to the USA.  The cultural distance was much greater than the physical one.  From the lingo to the dress code, from the “yes man” to the “kiss S man”; I met them, had lunch with them in the cafeteria, compared them to the Israeli versions and tried to figure out which smiles I could trust. There weren’t that many.

A year went by, and it was time for yet another change.  Lucent, falling from its mighty heights, spun us off.   AVAYA was born.  Coming to think about it, Lucent was a Bell baby, and so was AVAYA, though by proxy.  Both companies were largely dominated by AT&T alumni.  Moving to Avaya also meant moving – my first relocation in the USA, first among 5 or so.  Knowing how political HQ was – as I was working @ the Avaya HQ building – I relocated to the product group in Concord, Mass.  I didn’t feel yet “localized” enough for HQ.  The politics and the “talk about what you do” rather than JUST do it were a bit too much for me.  2 years later I took off to China.

In 2006, when I joined Sun, I was confused by the Sun’s multiple color logo options.  Up ’till then it was either a red company or a blue company.  no other options existed.  It seems that while Sun had a sort of blue logo, everything goes was the practice.  Blue?  Orange?  I can’t help wondering, were the multiple colors any indication of an open-mindset? A message of pluralism?  I’d like to think so, even if we had a lot of NIH.

And here it goes again.  A new logo – Now Let Go.  It’s a bold new world.  Can’t hold on to our Sun ways.  Sadly, can’t even hold on to all my Sun friends.  4 years plus seems nothing compared to the 10-20 years of many of you guys, but it’s the quality that matters, you know, not the quantity.  Back to Red.

Bye-bye Sun.

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