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May 2, 2010

#147 – Thanks for the Education

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Note: for a long time now, I’ve been taking for granted that part of my life, part that you enjoy much more than I do, is making a fool out of myself [Lisa: is it “me” or “myself”?].  I think we could safely say that I’m pretty good at it.  Sometimes however, I exceed all expectations.  This is one of these times.

Friday night, we are done with dinner.  It’s time for desert.  All day long I was craving caramelized pecan ice-cream, and now I was so close to getting it.  Almost there.
I love Gelato Classico in Mountain View.  Have been passing by the place for over 4 years, and I can’t even remember if I’ve eaten their amazing gelato or when.  Line progresses slowly, and we take the time to make our choices.  Mary, already with her cone, offers me a taste of the Spumoni she picked.  Without much thought [or any thought at all], I grab a tasting spoon from the container on top of the counter.  “These are used spoons” interjects Arun.  “Sure”, I say, “thanks for the education”.  The spumoni is delicious, other than the oranjine that I really don’t like.

”]I sent my hand to pick another spoon, for a 2nd tasting.  The guy behind the counter, with some urgency, put his hand over mine.  “No!, don’t use these spoons” he said, as he handed me a clean spoon from a small cup hidden behind the counter, beyond customers’ reach.

Arun’s resonating laugh fills the store, backed [according to Arun] with the laughs of the guys standing behind us in line, whom, given the proximity, must have heard the earlier exchange.

Needless to say, the rest of the evening was all about “educating” me.  One dinner party later [Thank you Shephali], after Arun was asked to tell the story TWICE, to the benefit of the late-comers, I can’t wait to your next used spoon joke.  Combining it with the 3-slices of lemon teases, I can’t wait to hear your creativity @ work.

And NO! STD doesn’t stand for Spoon Transmitted Diseases.


“Us” can be the beginning of many things.  For example:

  • User friendly
  • Useful utensils
  • Use at your own risk
  • USA-made
  • Use to regret


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