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May 27, 2010

#148 – Used Spoons

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We don’t change all that much through the course of our lives, regardless of how hard we try.  we improve a bit, change nuances, drop one mannerism or another, learn new techniques. . . and should be damn proud when we manage the change  over time.

And yet, we keep trying.  I keep trying.  when your tone sounds more like an order than a request, when your voice carries and sounds loud even when being loud is not even remotely on your mind, you want a change, take my word for that.

Somehow, the “used spoons” lesson, silly and funny as it was, resonated stronger than many past feed-backs or mishaps.  so, on my  home visit , i had a vacation project: find, buy, “acquire” 7 old/antique tea /table spoons, and get them each engraved with the Hebrew name of a friend who were present, related or teaching me whatever lessons.

one would think that finding old spoons is no big deal.  well, IT IS!  my first source was my mom.  24 hours later i had my first 2 spoons, one dating back to her wedding.  then i started asking all my friends with Yiddishe mama, figuring their moms, like mine, may be having hard time saying goodbye to the “no longer useful or needed”.   while this research  and hunt is on going, i started looking for a jeweler who’d be willing to engrave the project.  given that the spoons i already had were only silver-plated, i was afraid of artist’s pride.  there’s an advantage of living in a small village.  you need to ask 2-3 people and the answers pop up.  my cosmetician knew a guy, and while torturing me in the name of beauty, she also called the guy to make the introduction.

Old Jaffa Flea Market

Yiftach, who is Hi-tech challenged, makes jewelry that people ask for.  his pride lies more in delivering what you want, less in teaching you what’s RIGHT.  after he heard my used spoons story and laughed as expected, he was in.  so in that in fact he found and bought 3 of the spoons, calling me as i was leaving our Herzliya office on my way to the Jaffa flea market to buy the last 3 spoons. that’s what i call commitment.  the guy went out bought and paid for 3 spoons on his own initiative.  most admirable.

The visit to the flea market is a whole different story, back to the spoons.

Living in a small place had it’s advantages.  You ARE going to bump into people you know or people that know that people you know.  sop good service and customer satisfaction are of high importance.    during the week, with almost daily visits to Yiftach’s studio, seeing how he treats his customers, watching him work over a cup of his Turkish coffee,  i dared to design my own pendant.  having done it only once before, and knowing how badly i draw, this took a lot of encouragement.

Hence, as the spoons were getting their names, my clouds were being designed, argued over and coming to life.

@ Yiftach's shop 1

@ Yiftach's Shop 2

on Sunday evening, 10 hours before i left for the airport, while out having goodbye dinner with a friend, the spoons + “my clouds” pendant were delivered by Yiftach to my parents’ home, left under the big plant pot left to the door.

My clouds though, due to time shortage, were missing the chain needed

Used Spoons / Thank you Ant!

to keep them in the sky.  All that it took to fix this problem was Julie, Arts & Craft store, and some Julie time.

My Clouds

Love it.

My Clouds

What about the spoons’ recipients you wonder?  Some have yet to work on their education, such as that size doesn’t matter.

Clip Art resources:

Anthony Rogers

Alison Sokoloff


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  1. Used spoons. A very cool idea. I love the spoons and the cloud pendant. Any time you want to go to Gelato Classico in Mtn view, let me know. I love that place. In our household, we bring home all the little tasting spoons. They never go in the “used spoon” cup. They come home, get washed, and used by dolls and other kiddo projects.

    Comment by anet — May 27, 2010 @ 18:56 | Reply

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