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June 27, 2010

#152 – You May Kiss the Bride [part II]

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[June 29, 2010] UPDATE NOTE: Respecting  the couple’s request,  their faces were covered.  nothing else changed.


You may kiss the sheep?

Friday, mid-morning.  The happy couple is out

& Then they kicked me off to shower

taking care of their license and formalities, vows are chosen, and I have to make the house suitable for a wedding.  As the hours fly, progress is noticeable.  Flower arrangements, leaves are gathered, snails pass on, champagne is chilling, kitchen is scrubbed to meet my mom’s standards.

At noon the happy couple shows up, confused by marriage bureaucracy.  Online and printed forms are read, form gets filled, and off they go again to notarize yet another form [they got it wrong, more on that later].  Done with that, they are off to the hotel to get changed.  Great, I can finish the last must clean, move, arrange, move upstairs.

Got to shine those champane flutes

The couple is back, black, white and clean.  I feel, look [and smell?] like the cleaning lady I’ve been most of the day.  Shortly thereafter Urszula shows up with camera, tripod and joy.  It feels so real, so soon.  I’m deported from the kitchen by the united 3, who kick me upstairs to shower and change.  I tell them where all the goodies, platters and what-have-you are, and they shine the very new champagne goblets.  No, I didn’t have a proper set before and sorry, no mimosas served here yet.  Another kick and I get the hint.  I’m not wanted.

This is what they did while I showered.

Almost ready, I look for shoes, and then I hear the front door.  The clock says it’s 5:21.  Jeet is NINE [9] minutes early.  Deputy Commissioner is as Deputy Commissioner does.  On time!

Ice is broken, everyone knows everyone and it’s staging and rehearsal time.

Where should we stand, who’s on left, who’s on right?

And of course we have opinions . . .  quite a few. . .

We aim for consensus.   I mean we even try to get one.

OK, we now all agree and it’s time for the wedding to start.  We talked about a play list earlier in the day, but errands and bureaucracy got in the way.  I smile as I hear U2 over the SONOS system, and it’s no wedding march.  No one seems to mind, so I let it be.

As Jeet officiates his first wedding as a Deputy Commissioner, I hold tightly to the rings, never before so close to a Bride-Groom.

Let the photos bring you into the ceremony:

So, I don’t do weddings, but when I do one, it’s a memorable one.  So memorable, that 4 weeks later, the happy couple back in Germany, I still think how special it was, and how it’s OK to make exceptions to some rules.  Of course, I cannot not think about it, since there’s still paperwork to take care of.  You’d think that leaving the bureaucracy management to Germans ensures no complications or mistakes.  But when 10 working days turned into 20, I ended up once again at the Country Clerk office, investigating the whereabouts of the missing marriage certificate which the happy couple needs in order to get recognized as a married couple in Germany.  Imagine my “joy” when the helpful clerk told me there’s no request on file, no payment received, and BTW, the form that I’m holding in my hands would have been required if the happy couple was to submit such request.  As a matter of fact, she adds, if I want to, I could get it processed and done now, since I have the notarized form with me.  I tell the clerk I love her.  She smiles politely; she doesn’t say she loves me back, which is totally fine by me.  This time I have cash and $14 later, I leave the County Clerk’s office with the so officially-looking Certified Marriage License.

I made the happy couple’s weekend a more joyful one, informing them I got the paper. Only one more authority is between us and really getting to the happy ending.

Wedding, anyone?


Urszula: Many Many thanks.  You’ve been a great, warm and encouraging photographer.

Ant: Thanks for the artwork.

Clipart: The great  “Despicable me” minion – found HERE



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  2. is it an ecological statement? hard to tell from story.

    Comment by yael wagner — June 28, 2010 @ 07:31 | Reply

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