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July 1, 2010

I Study Hindi #1

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My 1st Hindi Workbook

Few years ago, an Israeli writer published a great article about how the passage to India must pass though his kitchen.  he knows it does, he wrote, since each and every cleaning lady his family hired, sometime between dusting the living room and scrubbing the kitchen  took off on the mandatory trip to India.

I should add that at that point in time, cleaning homes was a common occupation for students and those who just finished their army service and wanted to save money for their “mystery tour”.

The list of Israeli books that were written about India in the years since the trend started, includes books such as “Hashiva mehodu”  [the movie was released in 2002 as “Open Heart“] and Ashram.  the former, written by one of Israel’s best known writers,  exploring themes of love and identity, the latter – a quick in-flight read thriller.

"The Return from India" - cover

Somehow, i missed the passage to India and never made the just as mandatory trip to South America so many of my peers did.

My passage to India, it seems, routes via California, where some of the best friends [& i mean it!] I made here since  relocating, are Indians.

So starting to plan my first trip to India, my challenge is to master a vocabulary of 100 Hindi words by take off day, sometime in this coming December.

taking my first steps, i am overwhelmed.  Is this  for real?  33 consonants and 11 vowels?!  i grew up on 22 consonants, 5 of which serve as vowels too.  and now 44?!  this is too much, too cruel.

My first words include an opening for asking a question and the all important  “no” – na-hii.  somehow, it makes perfect sense.


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