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July 13, 2010

#154 – a tourist’s lunch gone great

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It’s unusual for me to enter a tourist’s restaurant and leave not only satisfied but also with the equivalent of a culinary “high”.

Restaurant Sous Le Fort

Such however, was our lunch @ Bistro Sous Le Fort, Quebec.

In a nutshell: we ordered two entrees that included 5 solids. Also ordered 4 liquids and one desert. We were disappointed by 2 liquids, one was sent back & the corrected version was barely acceptable. Out of the solids, one was OK, one was good homemade, 2 were really unique and DELICIOUS, and one, the least expected one, was orgasmic-ally great.

The dessert was the surprise behind curtain 3.

OK, it’s a very big nutshell.  sorry.

want a second opinion?  read HERE.  thanks for the photo on left.

Bistro Sous le Fort [“bistro” & “restaurant” are both used in the virtual space]
48, rue Sous-le-fort, Quartier Petit Champlain, Québec (Qc) G1K 4G8

We arrived in Quebec [city] on the late afternoon of the 2nd day of our trip.  Debbie picked the place, which i dismissed as a tourist trap.  “whatever” i thought.

Problem: they set us at the table most distant from the AC.  using my skin as the thermometer i tested all available tables and cooled our location.  Staff was OK with our move.

Water + Lemons were delivered [reported real time via FourSquare]. we ordered the house Rose and two main courses.  Bread basket was half baguette slices, half toasted thinly sliced french bread.  OK.

we were hot and hungry.  and then our dishes arrived.

i ordered the caribou sausage with whole grain mustard, as seen at the next table, served with sauerkraut and potatoes.  Debbie ordered the fish of the day and doubled the steamed veggies side to avoid the rice.

The sausage was of substantial size [yes, i know how this reads, sorry].  it was delicious.  not too strong of a game flavor, juicy, and oh so fresh and tasty.  the warm sauerkraut was perfect, not too sour to clash with the sausage, just right!  seeing that Debbie’s dish hadn’t arrived yet, her bread plate got quickly “populated”.

the Rose was a perfect fit, and chilled to perfection, not killing any of the fruits my palate was finding with each sip.  don’t ask me how or why rose.  is was our compromise between the sausage and the fish. and it was perfect.

we were becoming very happy.

Debbie’s dish got delivered.  the fish was good.  and than i tasted the unassuming steamed veggies.  when you least expect it, surprises can come  and hit you.  on your taste buds.

“yam”, “wow” and “hmmm” suddenly become the complete range/depth of the conversation.  who would imagine?!  the steamed veggies tasted like heaven in a healthy package, all sins removed.  there was a light flavor of butter, perfect amount of crunchiness, and only the chef knows what else.  but it was  confusing all previous concepts i had re steamed veggies.

Due diligence: if i was ever forced to choose [please don’t make me] between carnivore and herbivore, I’d choose to become herbivore.  this side dish however, would make the decision so much easier.

i sent my compliments to the chef, “Cindy is happy to hear that” was the returned message.

the waiters by then were our friends.  complimenting the food help.  the initial hot sitting was forgotten and forgiven.

sitting back, life was good.  this is vacation indeed.

and then it was time for dessert.  we were sharing, and Debbie delegated the decision.

after some struggle, as none seamed too appealing, i picked the creme brulee w/Dulce de Leche out of the five choices.  then i had a better idea.  i asked senior waiter to pick our desert for us.  without hesitation the guy pointed to the  lemon mousse [w/strawberry compote], the one choice i dismissed a second ago as boring.  i decided to go along. one coffee, one latte completed our order.  waiter 2 who hears of our desert choice thi8nk we should go w/the brulee.  he argues with waiter 1 who tells him to mind his own business.

a nice size goblet arrived with a red bottom and a very white top. digging in, to conquer all flavors in one spoonful one has to dig vertically into the narrow glass.  mission accomplished, I’m now ready to

  1. thank the waiter for his recommendation
  2. revise my opinion of lemon mousse
  3. thank waiter 1 for his choice

first, the mousse is light and fluffy, yet include real zests of fresh lemon. secondly, the strawberry compote offers just the right amount of sweetness, without over-powering the more delicate mousse.  and the strawberries are fresh, not mushed, not too soft.  perfection, again!

disappointment: both coffee and latte were too weak.  i sent my latte back.  the 2nd one was at least drinkable, but barely scored Starbucks +1.  half of it ended w/Debbie.  it wasn’t, after all, a huge sacrifice 😉

~CDN$91 later, the Rose [half bottle] accounting for $25 of the total, we were ready to meet the old city of Quebec.

yes, I’ll be happy to go back , though i think i rather fly direct.

Photo credits: John Kessler’s blog  @  Thank you.


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