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November 6, 2010

#159 – Bangalocal [Indian Intake III]

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The Auto Show

A true tourist day.  Having good old friends around the globe is always a great thing.  More so when they make sure that your day will be as memorable as can be.  Narayanan, who left San Jose and moved back here a while back, was my devoted tour guide today and I owe him big for this one.

The mission he chose to accept: help me experience Bangalore though local eyes, food, people.  Specific tasks/challenges: eat food that I can’t or didn’t have in CA, get fabric for Ahuvik, a couple of things to remember Bangalore/India by, the study Hindi book recommended, Mysore coffee and a [specific] car sticker.

We met at the entrance to one of the city’s bigger department stores.  I took an auto, that is the common name for the motorized rickshaw.  We started by sitting at the street corner, catching up, breathing fumes.  Can’t get more local than that, can you? and this includes dealing with a begger or two.

First task, get the “Hindi in 30 days” which was recommended as the best Hindi book.  3 book stores later I know that it’s not the book I want, I have a better book and… am also the proud owner of “Myth=Mithya, a handbook of Hindu Mythology”.  If I won’t sleep at all between now and getting back home I may finish the 3 India-related books I’m now schlepping.  Unfortunately, still missing a workbook to practice the writing.

Books do feed the soul, but carrying our bodies around as we do, means they need some feeding too, and it was time.  Even in CA, Narayanan eating picks were always winners, so there I was, sitting at the patio of a bar below street level, watching light drizzle, waiting

peanut masala

for my palate’s joy to begin. First came the masala peanuts with our beer and wine.  I had a local white wine; not very sophisticated, but perfect for the food. The Peanut masala will be a winner that any bar or pub should be proud to add to its nibbling menu – 1st time and a keeper!  who’d imagine that peanuts, chili peppers, onions and spices make such a great snack.

pepper baby corn with cilantro leaves

two more plates followed, along with another glass of wine and two beers.  Catching-up, Hinduism, life and India filled the conversation. did i mention good food?

egg burji

Back to the streets. Hyderabad has more to offer, food to taste, people to watch, shops to visit…

here we go.


Shopping Possibilities

But what is a city without its people?

this isn’t it, you know.  It’s an amazing country, with people who managed to surprise me time and again.  the country too.


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