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November 14, 2010

#161 – Faces of India

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Rickshaw Man

holding a camera, we pick and click for the faces and visions that are the most interesting, enlightening, thought provoking, attention grabbing…. faces that make us happy, sad, concerned, FEEL…  The “look like me” faces are less interesting; we know them, work with them, nothing to write home about.

these are the faces that caught my eye and therefore the camera’s lens.  i don’t know how to say it, yet it needs to be said, so I’ll try.  this is in no way a fair, unbiased representation of  India.  you won’t see the face of the past #1 cardiologist of Hyderabad that moved to Australia and took the time to discuss India’s past, future, society, culture and health system among other things while all he really wanted  was to sleep.  There’s no photo of  Narayanan who’d made my day in Bengaluru as

if i only had the right word

memorable as can be.  i forgot to take a picture of the concierge and bell boy of the Royal Gardenia hotel in Bengaluru, though they went out of their way to ensure that every wish and whim i may have would be fulfilled to the dot.  and then some.

the photos, unfortunately, fail to convey that my biggest surprise, one observation i didn’t expect to have, is that the people of India are good people.   we attach stereotypes and predispositions and judgments to people, cultures, persona.  it makes dealing with the overflow of data and experiences much easier.  “grouping” experiences is part of our thought process.  my happy “sum” of experiences returning from this trip is that by nature, these are good heart people.

thank you people.

will model for INR10

my paan man

I mobile, therefore i am

ergo woman ergo bags



lost auto driver, asking for directions for the 5th time



monkeys hanging outside government buildings in New Delhi

in most countries, they keep the monkeys inside gov buildings.


Class shows across cultures

black & white

black & white farther

Mother & Child





the three musketeers

road trip

eyes wide open

Complete album is loaded to flickr @


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