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January 3, 2011

#165 – new year – same old us

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flipping a page in the calendar or starting a new one  is a ceremony.  drinking a glass of champagne, kissing or making lots of noise at midnight are all ceremonies.

I’m not too good with ceremonies.  dislike is more like it.

be happy, jolly, celebrate, kiss, make resolutions, make peace, sign up for the gym, for weight watchers, bird watchers, musical chairs…  feel good about yourself, believe in all things getting better that’s the new year mantra, spirit.

thing is, it’s the same old you, same old me,  and it’s up to us what kind of a year it’ll be.  having to comfort a sobbing friend on Jan 2nd, i only too vividly remember few depressing New Years of my own.

just the way i am

I wish days like this upon no one.  thing is, if you let yourself fall for all the “feel good” stuff  the media overdoses us with in the weeks preceding Christmas and New Year, waking up to yet another [working] day is so much harder.  so harness your spirit, energy, love and hopes, and start the new year with much gusto.  we need it.

to welcome the new year with a smile and a the right attitude [and since no one else did] i got me this necklace, from Bjorg, the Norwegian  jewelry makers.


made by Bjorg

my resolutions?  of course i have a few.  will i deliver?  accomplish?    ask me next year.  one of them, I’m hesitant to share, it has to do with paperwork, a lot of it…  touching it, getting it out of its sheltering envelopes and who knows, maybe file it too.  i hate paperwork.

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  1. Happy new year Yael!
    My resolution for this year is to no make any resolution. If you make resolution, you take the risk of not deliver and you’ll feel bad. Don’t you think you have enough reason to feel bad? Don’t beat yourself up!
    You may think that not making a resolution is too easy? Maybe. But what annoys me with the new year resolutions is that it’s done at one time and doesn’t take in consideration that events may happen during the year which will make your resolution not relevant, less important or even in contradiction with what your life would be in a few months.
    Resolutions should be made all year long, all life long, and not once in the year.
    If I really have to make a resolution now, it would be: Accept who I am, be proud of my qualities and not too ashame of my defaults.

    Comment by Veronique — January 3, 2011 @ 11:23 | Reply

    • I agree with you 100%. have you noticed that your approach is perfectly aligned with my new year necklace? be yourself! 🙂
      and yes, i do have things I’d like to change, improve, be less of some, more of others. and i anted those changes last week, last month, last time you and I met 😉
      thank you! and a happy new day, everyday!

      Comment by yael wagner — January 3, 2011 @ 20:42 | Reply

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