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January 15, 2011

#166 – “Can’t hardly wait”

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Saturday’s morning is perfect for reading the latest Real Simple issue. [Featured in February 2011 | Real Simple]

the tea is great, the kitchen is full of sun, and it’s the weekend.  i do my usual magazine clean-up, tearing off every page that brings no value other than pay for the magazine and make ad agencies and shareholders happy.

then i start reading “can’t hardly wait”, p.41. i don’t go far.  actually i get stuck in the introduction.

you know, we are all products of our education, culture, environment;  by-products one may say.  our perceptions about who does what, what is appropriate, expected, acceptable.  as one who grew up in a somewhat chauvinistic, militant Israel, maybe i should accept it, but NO!

i am greatly disappointed with whomever wrote the intro to this article. it goes:

“impatience takes a toll.  just ask your BOSS, who suffers from bruised BlackBerry Thumb.  Or your HUSBAND who gets shaky legs during even the shortest commercial breaks.”

SERIOUSLY?!!  ask my boss or husband?  is this a mad man episode or what?!  don’t i get BB thump pains?  fast forward the commercials on the DVR?

so this is what the tag line writer really thinks, right?  impatience best role models are found in the land of the boss and the husband.   to the credit of some of the men i work with, often enough my impatience rating would be higher than theirs… to my regret i should sadly add.  and as for BB-typing it’s not a gender thing.  some of us have a lot to say…  🙂

i wonder what was the writer thinking?  was she aware that she reveals her perceptions/view of life and gender roles?  does she know that women probability for heart attacks is on the rise and had been for quite some time?  and work/stress plays a significant part in it.  does she think that men offer better examples of impatience?  maybe she should observe shopping and see women in stress? women a mess?

i think it’s time i do something patient now.  never thought of the implication of patient [noun] and patient [adjective] being the same. guess being patient is sick, and being impatient is the healthy choice.  i am all for it.

Shame on you, Real Simple: after reading the article, which i found disappointing and not so interesting, it seems that the tag line writer, most likely, didn’t even read the article itself.  Speculating:  she was told it has something to do with impatience and so she pulled from her narrow mind and association bank whatever she filed under “impatience” and blurted it out.  Real simple.  really stupid.

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  1. Yael, you are usually very perceptive, but here you reveal your own “perceptions/view of life and gender roles”:
    Read the sentence again: “just ask your BOSS, who suffers from bruised BlackBerry Thumb”
    Why do you assume that the boss is male???

    Reminds me of a riddle we used to tell:
    A boy and his father are in a car accident. The father dies on the spot. The boy is rushed to the hospital into the OR. The chief surgeon walks in, looks at the patient and exclaims in shock: “this is my son!”

    Comment by Rinat — March 7, 2011 @ 21:34 | Reply

    • dear – you missed the point. i am not the one who wrote it. this is not my view. i was quoting the article that pissed me off BECAUSE it demonstrated the writer’s gender-biased views, NOT MINE.

      Comment by yael wagner — March 7, 2011 @ 21:37 | Reply

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