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February 20, 2011

#167 – World Press Pictures of the Year 2010

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A young girl is promised.  this is the custom.  once she reached puberty, there’s a wedding.  girl moves away to her husband’s family.  girl gets abused.  girl runs away.  girl runs back to her parents.  shame.  in some places, the shame is on the girl.  shame on her parents.  how dare they provide such bad education. rebel woman should be punished. i am being cynical of course.  this is terrifying.

from the Time: “Bibi Aisha, 18, was disfigured as retribution for fleeing her husband’s house in Oruzgan province, in the center of Afghanistan. At the age of 12, Aisha and her younger sister had been given to the family of a Taliban fighter under a Pashtun tribal custom for settling disputes…
Men arrived there one night demanding that she be handed over to be punished for running away. Aisha was taken to a mountain clearing, where she was held down, and had first her ears sliced off, and then her nose.”  [full story]

the winning photo of the 2010 World Press photo of the year tells the story, originally on the cover of the Time on August 9, 2010.

I first encountered the  World Press’s Picture of the Year a few years back, while on a business trip, spending a weekend in Budapest.  wondering the amazing streets of Budapest, i came by what  in my mind was an initiative to “educate” the people by way of showing them what’s perceived photo/news worthy in the world.  large double or triple poster-size photos of the winners of that year were placed on the fences of a local park, across from the local university gallery.  the gallery showed the rest of the year’s winners. this was part of the annual tour of the World Press Photo Exhibition.

i couldn’t help but notice that there were significantly more photos of the suffering, of the repressed, of the ones unheard that these pictures become their voice.  a smaller portion offered reasons for hope.  people doing the unexpected,  what’s outside and beyond the call of duty…  and yet a smaller portion showed nature at action, amazing, devastating, fascinating, always beautiful, even when it destroys.

I’m not a big news consumer.  i missed the spearing of riots from Egypt to Bahrain and neighbors by a day or two.  this photo, however, is not a photo to miss.  the winner of the World Press Photo of the Year 2010 is Jodi Bieber‘s photo of  Bibi Aisha, a photo which was also awarded First prize in the category Portraits Singles in this year’s contest.

It was shot for Time and was featured on the cover of the 9 August issue of the magazine.


Bibi Aisha by Jodi Bieber


Bibi Aisha from hell to help

Bibi Aisha, since then, got her nose job and ears too.

Aisha Bibi. now what? is there happily ever after?

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  1. It is shocking to see how woman still been mistreated at this 21st century.


    Comment by Mei-Ying Dell'Aquila — February 20, 2011 @ 20:48 | Reply

  2. […] read #167 and wanted to know more of  the whereabouts of Bibi […]

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