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March 25, 2011

repost: “The world I live in doesn’t have enough love. How about yours?

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Due diligence: Originally posted by Dunn, my cousin, on Facebook.  liked it and identified with it.  got Dunn’s permission to repost.

"too much fear and not enough love" Source:

The world I live in doesn’t have enough love. How about yours?

by Dunn Kenaani on Wednesday, March 23, 2011 at 9:26am

I really believe that the only reason any of this is happening (see below) is because we forgot how to love, truly love.

On a simple level, love means making the choice to see the good in them.

When we make the choice to see the good in others (and yes, sometimes it’s *very* hard) we have chosen to take a step towards loving them. When we love someone we would never imagine doing anything to hurt them.

EVERYONE on this planet has good in them. For some it may seem to be deeply buried, but it’s there. We have the responsibility to seek it out or else we’ll continue in this vicious cycle with no end.

I’m sick of the fighting, I’m sick of the hating. There is very little place for hate in this world, and we should only really hate that we don’t love enough.

Give people the benefit of the doubt. 

Give people a smile.


This is the world I live in.

I live in Jerusalem, Israel. Most of us who live here love it. Unfortunately our love is not enough. I know that because in the past 13 days these are some of the headlines that some of you *may* have seen:

– A few hours ago a bomb in Jerusalem destroyed 2 public buses (think TTC), so far 1 dead over 50 injured.

– Over 70 rockets, mortal shells and missiles were fired into southern Israel (Jewish populated) from within Israel (the Gaza Strip; Muslim populated) (imagine Thornhill firing rockets into downtown Toronto)

– Five Jewish family members (2 parents and 3 of 5 children) were stabbed to their while either sleeping in bed or getting ready for bed; including a 3 year stabbed in the heart and a 3-Month old baby girl whose throat was slashed

– Over 10 Palestinians (Muslims) have been killed since Saturday, including two children


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