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May 10, 2011

#181 – Steve Nowicki completes a full circle

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Steve @ work

many years ago, a young couple, Steve and Maryann, was making its living of Steve’s art, living out of an RV.  i use the term “making” loosely.  ends didn’t meet, and even love and art need some dough at times.  more of it when there’s a baby made and about to be delivered.  for 35 years, Steve was supporting his family with his construction job, for better or worse.

and then retirement arrived.  his first project was to buy an antique car which i wish i remembered its name.  Steve’s plan was to fix it up, and have lots of fun while doing so.  fixing up an old car requires some welding; very delicate, artful welding.  as Steve describes it: “the car’s body had some holes so i bought a torch and welder…. i was making more holes than fixing them.  signed up for a welding class.”  the saying goes “the rest is history”, but reality is a bit more complicated.  from the very 1st class project, Steve’s work showed imagination and creativity.

Extreme Bone Fish / Steve Nowicki

i love this one much more

Must Have Been A Bad Lunch / Steve Nowicki

and this was the only the beginning.

i met Steve and Maryann at the Saratoga Rotary Art Show.  the fair with what must be the worst marketing since [forget me] Julie never heard of it.  given that over the past 2-3 years, Julie took me to practically every arts and crafts fair in the area, her not knowing about this one is a good indication to its ineffective marketing indeed.

tough flowers for tough love?

i was under the impression that Steve does it all, a-to-z.  the web says differently.  for some of his works, Steve provides drawings to these guys.  they cut out the basic metallic forms for him and he creates beauty and art from base metals. don’t get me wrong; the ideas, the creativity are all Steve’s.

Steve’s comment: “when I started doing the floral work, trellis, and pieces like you have I do all of it on my own, no cutting or help from outside.”

and if you are not ready for tough flowers, you can play it safe with a hanging non-smelly fish

i have a strong objection to having dead flowers in the house.  for me it goes back to feng shui which tells us that dried, preserved flowers emanate negative energy.  while feng shui practitioners may approve plastic or silk flowers i reject them too.  in my book, if it’s no longer alive it should reunite with mother earth.  flowers that needs dusting are not usually something i want around me.  yet, sometimes one has to make exceptions.  this is why i left the art show with a bouquet of metal twigs.  not flowers.

PHOTO [once back home]

before you ask, Steve did complete the welding  class, did finish the car and uses it twice a week when not traveling from one art show to another art fair.  Yes, once again Steve is now a full-time artist.  according to Maryann, still-his-wife after all these years, they do about 35 shows a year, which means that once again, they live out of their RV.

for more info:

Steve Nowicki – Shock-n-Awe Metalworks
phone: 360.914.7336

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