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May 23, 2011

#184 – Pashmina, lady?

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the fun of going places is the fun of collecting new experiences. my fun-challenge is exchanging opinions, trying to have effective, honest communication between different paradigms, often with a language barrier to complicate things further.  it’s  seeing, smelling, touching, drinking, eating…  things.  sometimes it even involves spitting.

obnoxious as this sign is, it offers great guidelines for the experiencing traveler to follow.

can’t wait to see an updated version, maybe “follow us not, but on twitter; befriend us not, but on FaceBook.”

more than anything else, visiting places means conversations; honest, interesting, miscommunicating  conversations. sometimes the answers i get feel more like questions about my own world and paradigm.  and i love it.  mostly.

when it’s hot and humid, these conversations may be less of the learning visitor type; more of a pain.  as was the case on this day.

Hyderabad, May 2010.  30 something degrees in the shade, humidity that won’t shame a Swedish sauna.

“pashmina, just come look, don’t have to buy, best quality, great selection.”

“no, thank you.”

“pashmina lady, you must see.”

“i don’t like pashmina.”

“pashmina, i have the best, no need to buy.”

the humidity is playing touchy-feely with me. much too touchy.  too hot to be nice to pushy sale guys who need to make a living.

i really don’t like pashmina.  it’s too warming, it’s high maintenance, and frankly, it’s not my style.

guys keep pushing.

tired of being polite, i try a different approach.  “do you speak English,” i ask.  “yes, yes.”

“good,” i say. “can i get a frozen pashmina?  if you have one in your freezer, i promise i’ll buy it.”

blank face.

i try again.  “if you have a frozen pashmina, you got a deal, otherwise please stop.”

finally, the guy gets it and walks away.  my relief doesn’t even last a minute.  i feel bad.

and then another mosquito wants a taste of me.  well, at least one buzzing has ended. i feel not as bad.  really, how do you say “no, not interested” in a way that is properly heard?  no idea.

did i mention it was hot?  see for yourself.

how much longer do i have to sit here?

in Hebrew i’d say “חם, חם בטבריה.” and no further explanation would be required.  what do you say in English?

sorry baby, i can't make the heat go away

taking a moment

one can say, “it’s raining cats and dogs.”  in Hebrew, there’s an idiom about dog’s chill [קור כלבים].  it means some serious chill cold.  but what about hot dogs?

loyalty first; a cooler spot later.


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