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July 24, 2011

#193 – I’m a Lifesta lover

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i’m a lifesta lover. no surprises here. and yet, i am completely and OBJECTIVELY loving this widget.

I'm a Lifesta Lover

When it comes to lifesta, I am anything but objective.

Why?  You can read all about it HERE – #173-My Lifesta is a Startu[p].  to observe a startup growing, evolving, getting media attention, gaining brand recognition…  it’s amazing.  There’s a great Hebrew children song, “how is a song born” by Yonatan Gefen.

How is A Song Born?

Like laughter.

It starts from within,

And rolls out.

How is A Song Born?

It Like a baby.

At first it hurts,

Then it comes out.

And everybody is happy

And suddenly WOW!

It walks on its own…

While both songs and startups are mind-made, creating a song is a one-time creative process. Bringing a startup to life is a much longer, more complicated process.  And so I observe, ask questions, realize the differences between working for a big company and working for yourself, your partner, your investor/s.

The most fascinating, most adventurous part of being a startup is the venturing into a new territory.  What feature would Lifesta users appreciate more, the new improved search function, launched 2 weeks ago; a great feature for buyers, or the ability to promote your deal directly from your blog and having a widget linking it to Lifesta, directly to your deal – coming very soon.

So, yes, I’m a lifesta lover, and I love it.

How about you?


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