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August 30, 2011

#195- what’s in a pulke

the joy of pulke?

given the importance that a pulke played in my life [see #194] the following clip is too hard to resist.  i know that most jokes about Jews and chickens focus on the cure-for-all chicken soup.  but i go for the pulke.  extra crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside.

i grew up on chicken meat.  wasn’t a big fan of beef until i tasted my first GOOD bloody steak, Argentinian of course.  later, it was followed with a rich  hard to resist roast.  tongue was and is out.

therefore, until late into my teen years, the pulke was MY piece of meat.  it wasn’t until shai and guy graduated from having bits of boneless meat put in their plates that i had to move up into the adult portions of the chicken.  oh well.

like so many kids, regardless of how hungry and harsh their parents’ life had been, i too had to listen to the inevitable “do you know how the starving kids in Biafra [in Nigeria, suffered horrible drought through my childhood] would be happy to have your XXX?” until today the logic escapes me.

  1. i am not happy with this.
  2. you tell me other kids will be.
  3. go give these kids the undesirable load you put in my plate.
  4. make everybody happy.
  5. Extra benefit – i won’t have to work so hard on snicking it to our dog under the table, accumulate an inventory in my mouth that have to be emptied later…  you can make them and me happy.

i’d say go for it.  but my mom never did.

so here’s to all the hungry kids of the world that wanted our meals and never got them.

on a more serious note, i’d like to recommend TWO DEGREES.  this small company truly does good.  not only they make great food bars, all tried and tested, but they also help feed hungry children around the world. for every bar we buy, they give a nutrition pack to a hungry child.  i call it win-win.  their goal?  to feed 200 million hungry children.  buying and eating their healthy great bars brings them and us closer to achieving this goal.  why “two degrees?”  ’cause it’s only two degrees of separation between you and i and that hungry child.  so while i’ll never tell a kid that a hungry child somewhere would love to have his or her meal, I’d happily offer this kid one of these gluten free, vegan, low sodium, no trans fat bars.

order on line or search for a store.  whole foods carry them of course.

Two Degrees of goodness


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