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February 23, 2013

#211 – Marketing Matters

If you need to make it this complicated, I don’t trust you

Earlier today, dropped car at shop.  Had a coupon.  mechanic-02 As I handed the coupon over, I mentioned that if it wasn’t for the timing – car needs oil change and a new battery – I wouldn’t have come here, and the coupon didn’t really help.  The guy looked puzzled.  I could almost visualize the thought balloon over his head; “you came here with a coupon, and you are telling me that BECAUSE of the coupon you almost didn’t come to us?!”  Exactly.

“Now, how is this possible?!”  Easily. 

To his credit, instead of letting the balloon talk, the guy said, “Please tell me more, I know we keep trying different promotions.”

“This one is not helping your business,” I said, as I handed him over the coupon, printed on heavy, glossy paper. He started reading the fine print, squinting only a little.  There was a lot to read.

Silence.  Done reading, the guy said with a sigh, “yes, I see what you mean.”

not-reading-the-fine-printAnd… “I will take this to our marketing.  Thank you for the feedback.”

Will he?  I don’t know.  The car should be out today.  I doubt their marketing is in.  I’m in for over $1,200 he said, in the later hours of the afternoon.  And no, no car for me today.   That’s NOT fine, printed or not.

The coupon point?  If you want to attract me to your business, do it in few large bold letters.  Looking like a wireless provider contract, trust is not what your coupon and promotion will generate. 

Addiction is a bad word.  Really.


I don’t think of my joy of having multiple mobile containers as an addiction.  Call it a hobby, passion, mean of self-expression?  Doesn’t matter; don’t care.

Now how would you get me to click on your bags-promoting ad?

Here’s the how not:  Do not tease me with “addicted to purses?

Addiction, to any substance, object, anything, is not a positive experience; there’s nothing to be proud of.  There’s nothing good about it.  One may choose to describe oneself as x-addict.  But this usually comes with an apologetic smile.  Think of it as the ‘a-word.’  You can use it to describe yourself, others should not.

How many movies and TV shows come with the almost inevitable “my name is X, and I’m an addict” scene?  Many.  It delivers a strong, dramatic moment.  It’s delivers one taking responsibility to one’s faults, failures, shortcomings.  Thinking current TV shows, Elementary, Law & Order UK, and Private Practice are but three among the many that come with such scene.  And, surprise, surprise, addict is not how anyone wants to be called, true or not.  Can you recall a scene where the group says “hello, your name is John, and you are an addict?” I don’t think so.

And this is how your hip campaign manager chose to promote the brand and get my click?  Ain’t happening.   Hey, I won’t even share your brand name/link. Bad ad!

Marketing, call it art; call it science, mock it, enjoy it.  But hey, don’t underestimate it.  And please, if you do it, do it right. 


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