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February 27, 2013

#212 – if snails could fly. Oh, now they can

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it rained; i love rain.
the little snail picked that day to expand its horizons, and was captured through the lens.
“extras” are thanks to Pic Collage

it was December.

I’m endlessly impressed with how the continually improving integrated [mobile] cameras change the way we share. when was the last time you went to the shop to pick up the AMAZING photos of your unforgettable vacation? nowadays, everyone can see the photos of your last supper, long before you made it to dessert and digestif.
and it’s not because it’s good for the trees, and reduces the use of less than healthy chemicals…

click, treat, post.  i may have strong feelings against fast food, but when it comes to fast post… I’m all in.  the click is almost the same click.  the “treat” though, is easier than ever.  i love the treat part.  for example, treat this…

Edna - a story in blue & Greenbefore

Edna – a story in blue & green

and, with a little from Pxlr-o-matic, got this:

Edna - a story in blue & green

Edna – a story in blue & green

and, the sharing.  photo sharing, more than literal updates, more than free IM-ing, more than witty bursts on Twitter, bridges time and place gaps.  a new haircut, a move to a new home, sending one’s kid off to the army, university, a bat mitzvah, a trip, first snow, flood, spring bloom…
all of the above have been recently shared by friends via FaceBook, allowing me to be in two or more places at one time.  funny, when people talk about losing privacy as we knew it, they forget about the extra privacy that many don’t enjoy.  instead, they feel lonely, disconnected from the life of those they love and miss.  the new dish you cooked for Shabbat – i want to taste it, from over 5,000 mile away, the Purim costume my brother’s daughter had this year, that i could compliment her about, and you telling me how stupid i look with a fake fur hat…


no more snail mail with printed photos, now snails can fly.

hey, thank you for sharing.


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  1. Glad you are back. I hope you are feeling well.
    Love ,Debbie

    Comment by Debbie — February 28, 2013 @ 04:23 | Reply

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