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August 9, 2013

#213 – Crystal. Not clear.

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You may have not heard the story of how my habit of keeping a spare headlight in the glove compartment saved me from an expensive ticket, yet it did.  Thank you dad, for instilling [some] good driving habits in me.

Maybe that’s a good time to confess that for years I was tracking mileage/gas ratio, ensuring the engine performs as it should.

So no ticket, thank you very much dear spare headlight bulb.Weeks later, I made it back to the neighborhood’s O’Reilly Auto Parts store. I had the used pack of the bulb-that-saved-me with me, so it was easy to ask for a “one like this please.”  When Crystal went to the shelves behind the counter and not to the store space where I remembered the bulbs had been before, I didn’t think much of it.  When the bulb was of a different brand than the one I was holding, it got my attention.  When the price was higher than I remembered I was not happy.

“I’m sorry, I thought the bulb was cheaper.”

“Oh, you mean you want the same brand?’

“Well, I want the same price.”

Without a word, Crystal got from behind the counter, walked to the store space and picked an identical bulb.

I wasn’t done yet.  “Last time you had some sort of promotion.  I think it was ‘buy two at half price’ or something.  Do you know if you have a promotion on these now?”

“We never have promotion on these.”  [Sure.]


I pay.


Ready to leave, I am not upset, just disappointed.  True, it’s been probably eight months since I visited the store.  The Hyundai is a truly low maintenance car, so I have no reason to frequent O’Reilly.  To say something or not… hey, I’m going to say it.

“You know, you are not helping your business by pushing the more expensive product to a customer,” is all I say, pleasantly.

She says nothing.

I look at her shirt.  “Your name is Crystal, right?”

Still nothing.

I walk out.

Difference before tax: $1.96

Damage to Brand: Not priceless, but a function of how many of you will read and share.

Damage to Crystal: Looking at the receipt, depends who at O’Reilly monitors and reads the customer feedback.


Take away?

 or, in other “words”…


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