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October 7, 2014

#221 – in her shoes

hunger games shoes newsFour days before the release of the Mockingjay part I trailer, Calcalist [A leading Israeli business newspaper] released this exclusive artilce [see image]. Interestingly enough, the news reposting was limited to Israel.

The article says: “Owned by Teva Naot, the Dafna shoes are soon to become Hollywood stars. Calcalist found that the Hunger Games production [y: they got the wrong name, used Catching Fire instead of Mockingjay] ordered 660 pairs of shoes for the actors of the 3rd movie coming out this November. Value of the order is estimated to be around NIS130,000… Given the many battle scenes in the movie, the production was looking for military boots fitting the Panem freedom fighters… The shoes, made of canvas and have a rubber sole, are called Scout, also used by IDF elite units…”

Given the building excitement around the movie, I tried a more thorough search only to find a much shorter Naot Canada Facebook post dated back to April. But who really cares what boots take Katniss to save Peeta? Israelis.  I think that it’s that pride of being part of the bigger picture, global village. And yes, big studio giving me a PO [purchase order] is much better than me paying big studio for a product placement. Searching for the shoes, any mention of them, I found nothing. Obviously, shoes don’t take canter stage unless the Devil wears them.

More seriously though, I do think it’s a matter of local patriotism & pride. Israelis know how small Israel is, and whenever it gets to play with the big kids, there’s another burst of “we made it,” another rush of “we made good.” My inner child is visualizing a Naot mascot bragging, “Katniss picked me; not you, Merrell, Timberland, or Patagonia,” which are heavily invested in this very product segment. If your memory collects as many useless bits as mine does, and if you read the book, you may remember Katniss saying, “Fortunately, I have on shoes that Cinna designed. They grip the asphalt on contact and spring free of it on release.“ [Mockingjay, p. 49] could be the basis for a great global marketing campaign.

Hunger Games collage

Cherchez la shoe

note to the French and Israeli: as much as i tired to find a photo of the scout boots, what i found looked like the Dafna version of the French Palladium, which were my hiking boots for some years, until they fell apart.  I refused to buy the “imitation,” though it was significantly cheaper.  maybe that was a decision factor?


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