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May 14, 2015

#223 – Need a Doctor? See a Therapist.

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there’s nothing good i can say about the American health system.  wasteful, inefficient, unhealthy… not really health-motivated, not in the sense of one’s well-being.  other than my PCP of course.  and it took me three years to find her.

I used to think that @SutterHealth belonged to the better ones of the undesirable options one has in Northern California. until it came out with its TV ad campaign.  A healthcare provider spends millions of dollars to convey the message it cares.  and how does it do it?  by telling us

Trying to convince us that they are better than everyone else, since they care.  Last time anyone used the + sign it didn’t’ work all that well, did it?  To be honest, the Kaiser Permanente commercials are delivering the message of caring much better.  for example:

Sutter Health, unfortunately, fails to do so. there’s no humor, no real compassion in any of those four ads.  one implies that a cancer survivor has no friends or family supporting her but her Dr.  another makes finding our the gender of your baby feel like an AA member about to relapse.  a third features a diabetic patient confessing the major crime of eating a cinnamon roll.  the fourth, which i find to be the most disturbing of them all, makes the conversation between a kid with asthma and his physician look like what could be the opening of a Law&Order SVU episode.   worst yet, it positions asthma as something to be mocked about and ashamed off.  all four videos stage the Doctor-patient conversation in what looks more like a therapy session rather than a doctor’s appointment.   shot in too dark of a room it feels nothing like a doctor’s office.  Creepy is more like it.  and, if i want to be extremely sensitive, why would one choose black actors for the one that feels like a drug usage confession, and white actors to the others? and don’t you have any Asians patients or doctors?  i know you do, since my PCP is one.

want to communicate that you care, that you are a different kind of a health provider?  that’s great.  but if the outcome of all your brainstorming and focus groups is “when i go to my physician, i want to talk to a shrink,” then maybe you should see a therapist???  or at least use a different agency instead of BBDO, or at least have the creative directors, namely Craig Mangan, Matt Miller, Steve Rutter, Amber Justis, Kevin Thomson think it a little more?

Due Diligence: My provider is PAMF, which is part of the Sutter Health system.  Have been for the past six years or more. other than the Eye Doctor and clinic I’ve visited twice recently, i’ve always been very happy with the care i got.  still am.   yet, these ads are creepy bad.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 11.44.11 PM

Be a Dr. not a shrink.

you could do so much better.


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