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April 15, 2008

#129 – Israeli Sunset

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Sunset on the Mediterranean

Originally uploaded by dindrigo

Having a first-timer with me posted a challenge. what is the first thing you want him to see 90 minutes after landing?

I chose Tel Baruch beach.

With Beer – Maccabi [for him], Wine [for me] and fries.

Four months passed, and this chapter is still missing its essence, its soul. how can i bring someone to Israel, on his first visit, and sum it up with beer and fries @ Tel Baruch? Shame, shame, shame.

On the other hand, how can I neglect writing about any of the things, destinations and mishaps that i went through in the past months? Shame, shame, shame.

Started the week (June 15) in Paris, where Christopher ended each teasing, challenge or drink with “you will blog about this, right?’

And my answer is; “yes Christopher, i will blog about this, and this and about that too”.

Not everyday, possibly, not every week, but a lot. and with photos, that for a change may include some of my own.

get it?

… ” What it is,
When you get it,
If you get it…

Good, you got it!”



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